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Restaurant review: Wolfie’s Family Restaurant in South Deerfield

Oct 20 2016
Wolfie’s, we discovered, specializes in traditional American fare.
Located in South Deerfield center, Wolfie’s Family Restaurant dishes up an authentic small-town dining experience. Its premises are cozy and rustic; a small bar is tucked way in the back.
Regulars wander back there to collect a complementary bowl of popcorn on which [continue reading]

Restaurant review: Pete’s Seafood Restaurant in Greenfield

Oct 13 2016
The original fish market storefront serves as the space in which patrons order their meals; a small bar occupies a back corner.
When Peter and Sandy Ruggeri opened Pete’s Fish Market back in 1985, they probably had little idea that what they’d conceived of as a retail venture would eventually morph into one of [continue reading]

Restaurant review: Bombay Royale in Northampton

Sep 29 2016
A dazzling array of listings is featured on Bombay Royale’s menu.
Most Indian restaurant here in the Pioneer Valley are cautious, serving a predictable range of offerings simplified for American tastes. Not so at Bombay Royale in Northampton, a South Asian eatery that opened in Northampton earlier this year. Its fidelity to Indian culinary [continue reading]

Restaurant review: Michael’s Pasta in the Pan in Wilbraham

Sep 22 2016
The menu at Michael’s features pasta dishes inspired by both Italian and contemporary American ideas about food.
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Presenting meals “in the pan” is certainly a clever gimmick; it’s a service strategy that Michael’s Pasta in the Pan, an eatery on Boston Road in Wilbraham, has successfully employed for [continue reading]

Satisfied customers say there’s a lot to like at Hanna Devine’s Restaurant & Bar in Ware

Sep 6 2016
The family restaurant in downtown Ware, located at 91 Main St., features American-style cuisine, offers gluten-free dishes, and can seat up to 99 in the spacious, newly refurbished setting.
WARE  — The newest eatery in town was hopping with customers who praised the food, service, ambience and wide selection of draught beer, [continue reading]

Steaming Tender hailed as unique Massachusetts dining spot

Sep 2 2016
The restaurant’s building once served as Palmer’s Union Station and still has plenty of railroad traffic rumbling by.
Steaming Tender’s designation as “one of the most unique dining spots in Massachusetts.”
Vo-owner Robin Lamothe says the Palmer restaurant’s accolade came from the website Only in Your State ( ) and focuses [continue reading]

Restaurant review: Texas Roadhouse in Hadley

Sep 1 2016
The chain’s Hadley restaurant, located on Route 9, reflects the chain’s in-your-face country-western personality.
Big, bold, and brash is the agenda at Texas Roadhouse, the Louisville, Kentucky-based casual dining brand.
The chain’s Hadley restaurant, located on Route 9, reflects the chain’s in-your-face country-western personality, from the rustic “pine-board” decor to the plaintive country [continue reading]

Restaurant review: Kobe Hibachi Sushi and Bar in Greenfield

Aug 25 2016
The sushi bar at the back of the restaurant specializes in a typical assortment of nigiri and sashimi favorites.
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At a time when most Far Eastern restaurants are taking a menu-expansion approach to the choices they offer, Kobe Hibachi Sushi and Bar in Greenfield is pursuing a more [continue reading]

Restaurant review: La Veracruzana in Amherst

Aug 18 2016
The menu at La Veracruzana is displayed on an oversized chalkboard; cards haphazardly stuck onto the chalkboard’s frame describe menu add-ons.
If you’re looking for stylish dining, La Veracruzana in Amherst isn’t likely to be your “thing.”
It’s an operation often fondly referred to as “a hole in the wall”; the small South [continue reading]

A New Chapter for Old World Cuisine: Amherst’s Chez Albert celebrates its ten-year anniversary

Apr 4 2015
Chef Paul Hathaway lives for the moment when an idea for a new dish comes to mind. “You have this dark image in your head of what it should look like,” he says, “and you have to try and turn the light on it, see what it’s supposed to be.”
Hathaway didn’t go to [continue reading]

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