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For Over 250 Years, Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum Brings Culture & More to the Pioneer Valley

May 15 2013
Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum Opens for 2013 Season The Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum, an historic house museum dating to 1752 in Hadley, MA opens today (Wednesday, May 15) for its 64th season, and will continue their summer music engagement series, Wednesday Folk Traditions and A Perfect Spot of Tea this summer. Known as Forty Acres, the museum is an [continue reading]

the new agrarians

May 14 2013
We love this band!

The New Agrarians [continue reading]

Local History: Greenfield Home to First Dinosaur Museum in the Country!

May 1 2013
Greenfield’s Lost Museum: Dexter Marsh and the Dinosaur Tracks Many local people know that Dexter Marsh (1806-1853), quarrier — stonemason, janitor, handyman, and jack-of-all-trades in 19th-century Greenfield, MA — was among the first to discover dinosaur footprints, but how many know that he opened one of the first dinosaur museums in the country? In 1835, [continue reading]

Under the Hat: Learning About Songwriting with Rhymes

Apr 30 2013
Under the Hat: Rhymes Have you ever wondered why the words to some songs get stuck in your head? In this episode of Under the Hat, Mister G reveals one of his big secrets; songwriters love to use rhymes. Using examples from his songs “Pizza for Breakfast” and “Colores,” Mister G explains how good rhymes [continue reading]

Under the Hat: Exploring Tempo in Music

Feb 6 2013
Under the Hat: Tempo The instant we hear music our bodies start responding to the sounds. Why is it that some music makes us want to dance and other music makes us want to take a nap? Using examples from his songs “Grilled Cheese” and “Sueños,” Mister G illustrates the role tempo plays in creating [continue reading]

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: The Macaulay Library

Jan 17 2013
The Macaulay Library is the world’s largest and oldest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video recordings.
Cornell Lab of Ornithology founder Arthur A. Allen and Library of Natural Sounds (now Macaulay Library) founder Peter Paul Kellogg were pioneers in the field of recording bird sounds. Allen worked with a local movie company to [continue reading]

Hansel & Gretel: Learning Through the Len of a Classic Fairy Tale

Dec 26 2012
Hansel & Gretel: Gingerbread, Opera, Fairy Tale & Puppet Show Did you know the old folk tale of Hansel and Gretel, made famous by the brothers Grimm, inspired many Germans in the 1600s to create model witches’ houses from hard gingerbread? Building fanciful gingerbread houses at Christmastime hos now become a part of American holiday [continue reading]

Art Museums and Galleries

Dec 20 2012
The Pioneer Valley boasts one of the highest concentrations of artists and craftspeople in the United States. This, in combination with the colleges and universities in the area, means there are several world-class museums displaying fine arts and crafts from the prehistoric to modern times, world-renowned art festivals and galleries promoting the works of local [continue reading]

Listening: Lambchop – “Nice Without Mercy”

Dec 16 2012
Published by under Art, Poetry and Musings, Music
Kurt Wagner of Lambchop standing with his Beautillion Militaire 2000 series of paintings
T he tragedy in New town , C onnecticut is so deep , so overwhe lming , that for many of us it’s been a moment of re-orientation and reflection, of counting blessings and extending a [continue reading]

Notes From The Field: “Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard” and the Don Wahle Collection

Dec 10 2012
Published by under Art, Poetry and Musings, Music

By Jennifer Joy Jameson, Notes From The Field series Editor

The interesting part about any ethnographic study is putting the pieces together, stepping in and out of a culture or history that may or may not be your own in order to share it [continue reading]

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