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Notes From The Field: “Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard” and the Don Wahle Collection

Dec 10 2012
Published by under Art, Poetry and Musings, Music

By Jennifer Joy Jameson, Notes From The Field series Editor

The interesting part about any ethnographic study is putting the pieces together, stepping in and out of a culture or history that may or may not be your own in order to share it [continue reading]

Under the Hat: Songwriting Detectives

Dec 5 2012
Under the Hat: Songwriting Detectives Reporting while on tour from Mexico City, Mister G talks about how songwriters are like detectives who are always on the lookout for clues as to what would make and interesting song. This month’s episode of Under the Hat includes footage from a variety of school concerts from Mexico as Mister [continue reading]

Berkshire Lyric: 50 Years of Creating Culture in the Cold Months

Dec 4 2012
Do You Want to Know a Secret? 1963 was Big for the Beatles … and Berkshire Lyric By Jaclyn Stevenson Among many other cultural milestones, the Beatles’ debut album Please Please Me will mark 50 years in existence. Recorded in one session, it seems the album struck a chord; three months after its release, the [continue reading]

On Black Friday: Chain Store Blues

Nov 23 2012
Published by under Art, Poetry and Musings, Music
[ Today we’re thankful to have the opportunity to offer this repost from Nathan Salsburg’s Root Hog or Die , an extraordinary radio show and music blog that we’ve written about previously. This piece concerns The Allen Brothers’ “Chain Store Blues,” which also appears on Nathan’s [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Simple Play at the Table

Nov 21 2012
Where did all the play go? Am I the only parent that is mourning its loss? The new math makes sense to me. I read Old Dogs, New Math: Homework Help for Puzzled Parents last winter after a friend with middle school aged children mentioned the math concepts coming my way. I like to be [continue reading]

Under the Hat: All About Guitars

Nov 7 2012
Under the Hat: All About Guitars In this debut episode of “Under the Hat: Independent Music Education,” Mister G takes us into his recording studio in Western MA for a music lesson about the guitar. Using a variety of instruments from his collection, he discusses the differences (and similarities) between acoustic, electric, classical and steel [continue reading]

Kettles Full of Apple Chutney

Nov 5 2012
Apple Chutney When our vegetable garden begins slowing down, we begin apple season. We harvest our own apples, visit friends who have apple trees, and gather apples from wild trees and abandoned orchards. It’s apple time early in the morning before work, late at night when we return home, and on our day off. We [continue reading]

Weekly Feed: Collaboration, Ecology, Digital Media and Food for Thought

Oct 20 2012
Photograph of the Fennimore Art Museum

By Rachel Beth Rudi, Digital Contributor

• “Rural art museums face distinct challenges when it comes to building audiences for exhibitions and programs,” writes Paul D’Ambrosio , president of the New York State Historical Association. “Unlike [continue reading]

What’s Up With Those Southern Beasts?

Sep 27 2012
Published by under Art, Poetry and Musings, Music
By Dudley Cocke, Artistic Director of Roadside Theater
Storytelling is a partnership between the person telling the story and the person receiving the story; each depends on the other. This exchange is not designed to be passive, unless the purpose is propaganda. “The purpose of art is to [continue reading]

Arts Funding 2.0: Caleb Elliott

Aug 24 2012
Published by under Art, Poetry and Musings, Music
By Rachel Reynolds Luster, Contributing Editor

This week’s featured crowd funding campaign is Caleb Elliott’s Kickstarter project, “Caleb Elliott’s Debut Album.”

“Son of a preacher man. Child of melody. Brother of Harmony,” begins the bio link from Caleb Elliott’s Kickstarter project, [continue reading]

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