Nerd Nite December 10: Science! (and Anti-Science) | Northampton | December 10

Dec 5 2018
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Nerd Nite December 10: Science! (and Anti-Science) Hosted by Nerd Nite Noho Monday, December 10, 2018 at 7 PM – 9 PM The Deuce (World War II Club), 50 Conz St, Northampton, MA

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First Talk: ‘The Warped Views of Flat Earthers’ by Aaron Wood Second Talk: ‘How to *Not Explain Things Effectively – Teaching Physics Through Students Doing Things’ by Brokk Toggerson

‘The Warped Views of Flat Earthers’ The concept of a flat Earth seems to be gaining traction again. Besides simply thinking that we live on a flat object, what are some of the other beliefs of flat Earthers? And what are the reasons people actually hold these beliefs? Join Aaron Wood for an entertaining peek into the misled minds some flat Earth theorists.

Aaron Wood is a graphic designer currently residing in the state of Massachusetts. When he’s not creating artwork that has a social media or pop culture angle to it, he’s probably trying to cook up a plot to score some lobster.

How to Not Explain Things Effectively – Teaching Physics Through Students Doing Things’ If you took physics in high-school or college, you probably sat through a lecture and watched your teacher solve problems on the board. Then you went home and tried to solve, potentially impossible-seeming, problems on your own at home. Why do we teach physics this way? Does it actually work? What other options are there and is it possible to try to teach 100-300 people at a time in such a way?

Brokk Toggerson is currently in his fourth year of teaching introductory physics for life-science students at University of Massachusetts – Amherst. While his background is in experimental particle physics at CERN’s ATLAS experiment, he has since his Ph.D. been focusing on physics education. He is a fan of ballet, based in his own years of training and performance, and while not teaching physics enjoys cooking and rock climbing.

$5 entry – cash only. Guests under 21 years are welcome in the banquet room area, but are restricted from the front bar, so please have your ID on you if you’d like to order alcoholic beverages.



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