Freshwater Mussel Surveys | Greenfield | August 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 21

Aug 5 2018

Mussel Restoration – Freshwater Mussel Surveys Hosted by Connecticut River Conservancy Survey dates: August 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 21 Sign up and get more information here:

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Search the river bottom for the endangered Brook Floater, a species of freshwater mussel. We will use a mask/snorkel or clear bottom view bucket to survey for freshwater mussels in a 100-m river reach. No prior experience is necessary, there will be an on-site training. A full day commitment is required, following mussel surveys we will collect data on habitat which will provide researchers information needed to build a model identifying habitat requirements for this species.

This is an intense volunteer which can involve hiking through underbrush to reach site locations, navigating slippery rocks, and climbing over down logs. We try to accommodate volunteers with waders (if using a clear bottom bucket) or a wetsuit, mask/snorkel, depending on your survey choice. Please click below to sign-up!

This project is in collaboration with MassWildlife, USGS Coop Unit, UMass Amherst, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Big THANK YOU to Massachusetts Environmental Trust for helping fund this work to restore our rivers & endangered mussels! When you buy environmental license plates in MA, you help fund this work too. Get yours now….we like the fish but there are lots of great options:



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