Well, I’ve only had the URL registered for several years, expecting to do something cool but never getting around to it! It was a wake-up call when it came up for renewal…

The idea is for this site to provide information about the Pioneer Valley, and for the community to comment on local events or politics, review hiking trails, museums, restaurants, or whatever. There doesn’t seem to be any one site that offers a decent range of information about the area, so that’s what I’m trying to do here. Hopefully this will give me a reason to break out the camera and make some day trips, visit a few fairs or other events, meet new people and have a little fun. And maybe it will motivate some of the site visitors to do the same thing.

Eventually I want to get lots of info up on the site, including reviews and comments from visitors, and content and images from people interested in becoming story writers, editors, or forum moderators. If you are interested in writing content, moderating a forum, or otherwise being involved, please contact me.

This site went from plain vanilla html (with no way for others to add content) to drupal, and is now in wordpress. Although the drupal-based site offered TONS of possibilities, it was too much to administer and difficult for others to use (drupal still doesn’t have simple, user-friendly text and image editing built right in and it was difficult to get necessary modules to ‘play nice’ together). I’m hoping that the current wordpress version (as of December 2009) will be easier for me to manage and for others to add content to.

Thanks, enjoy

– jo landers



Jul 2024