Honey and Sustainability in Rural Nepal

May 11 2012
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Here is a new dispatch considering rural – international connections, where sustainability and food security meet, raising the
quality of life and illustrating to rural youth how prosperity could be
under their noses, or in the hive:

Plan International reports today on news of their work in Nepal:

Until recently, Shover Singh Praja often went to bed without dinner
and had to work on an empty stomach, barely able to feed his family.
Born to a poor family in Makwanpur district, central Nepal, Shover now
earns way above the national average and has become a role model among
his fellow Chepang, an indigenous ethnic group who depend on wild yams.
The secret of Shover’s success? Bees.

For the last 2 years, Shover has looked after 55 hives and last year
he netted US$1,000 selling honey, as well as hives to other keen
beekeepers. Right away, the money was put to good use.

“I didn’t get the opportunity to get an education when I was a child, but I send all my children to school now,” he said.

Folks can continue reading here, as the article elaborates on how rural youth have found a path to success doesn’t necessarily have to lead out of their home region:

Ramesh Praja, 28, cancelled his plans to go overseas.

“At home, living with my family, I can earn around US$120-300 during
the honey production season and US$60-180 in the off season. When I
realised this, I wondered why I should go abroad to earn a wage no more
than the amount of money I can earn in my very own community,” he said.



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