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Claire Hopley’s Table Talk: What’s cooking at Brookfield Farm?: Dishes inspired by Amherst CSA’s just-picked ingredients

Jul 16 2014
Published by under Amherst, Farmstands and Markets
The Daily Hampshire Gazette. May 23, 2014. By Claire Hopley.
‘I’m a farm wife,” says Karen Romanowski of Brookfield Farm on Hulst Road in Amherst. “I didn’t used to like that term, but now I do because that’s basically what I am.”
Romanowski is also a nurse at the McDuffie School [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: July 5, 2014: Cherries

Jul 4 2014
Cherries, the elusive stone fruit of New England! Due to the cold, harsh winter, most producers only have sweet cherries (not their sour siblings) available for sale at farmers’ markets and pick-your-own farms. Stock up for your jams and pies now, because they’re out but they’re hard to find– so check CISA’s online [continue reading]

Cherry Lime Mojitos

Jul 1 2014
Summer time calls for a local twist on a favorite tropical drink of mine. Try making this cherry lime mojito for your next picnic, and it’s easy to make without the rum and still as tasty! Be sure to have a large pitcher to make in & serve from.
By Abby Getman
[continue reading]

Valley Bounty: June 7, 2014: Bok Choy

Jun 7 2014
Bok choy is a crunchy and mild Asian green, readily available this time of year at farmers’ markets and farmstands. Baby bok choy can be added to salad mix, while larger plants can be chopped in soup, sautéed, or used in a stir fry. Look for purple bok choy as well as the more common [continue reading]

Valley Bounty. May 24, 2014: Spring Greens

May 24 2014
Fresh local salad mixes deserve top billing at farmers’ markets, restaurants, and retail outlets. Tender spring greens are delicate and delicious, whether you like mild lettuces and spinach or spicy mustard and arugula. Salad mixes are a visual and nutritional feast, as well—dark green tatsoi, feathery red mustard, soft green baby kale. Go simple with [continue reading]

Can local dairies skim more cream from their efforts?

May 23 2014
The Recorder. May 22, 2014. By Richie Davis  HADLEY — Some of the roughly 110 Jersey milking cows at Mapleline Farm were looking on Thursday as a few dozen representatives of Hampshire College, Whole Foods Market, Go Berry Frozen Yogurt and other businesses talked about the one local agricultural commodity that some see as nearly [continue reading]

Mapleline Farm, CISA: Massachusetts dairy farms depend on local consumers, creativity and enterprise

May 22 2014
MassLive. May 22, 2014. By Jim Kinney.
Hadley- The 150 Jersey cows currently in production at  Mapleline Farms  in Hadley will each give about 65 pounds, or 7 1/2 gallons, of rich thick milk a day, every day, and getting that milk to market at the highest price possible is [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, May 17, 2014: Asparagus

May 17 2014
Somehow, nothing says spring like asparagus, despite the joys of early season greens, ramps, and radishes. Maybe it’s the forecast of the bounty and variety to come, or just the eager thrust of those new spears through the soil. Fresh picked, you don’t need to do much more to asparagus than grill or steam it [continue reading]

Profile: Nasami Farm Native Plant Nursery

May 8 2014
Nasami.greenhouse.creditCayteMcDonough.notours By Jenny Miller Sechler
Published in the CISA May 2014 ENewsletter
Visit Nasami Farm’s website
The drive to Nasami Farm in Whately winds its way through wooded groves and open fields, and the farm itself lies on 75 beautiful acres of forest, meadow, and stream. Visitors to the farm [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, May 3, 2014: Veggie Starts

May 3 2014
Locally grown bedding plants are chosen with our climate and growing conditions in mind, and buying direct from the farm allows you to get variety recommendations and growing tips right from the source. If you are new to gardening, make sure to ask about planting dates, as it’s still too cool for some heat-loving plants. [continue reading]

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