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Local Hero Profile: South Face Farm

Mar 12 2014
By Jenny Miller Sechler, CISA Volunteer
Published in CISA’s March 2014 E-newsletter  (Sign up here!)
Visit South Face Farm’s website.
Tom McCrumm of South Face Farm has a deep reverence for the art and the history of maple sugaring. “Maple sugar is the original [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Late Winter Pizza

Mar 9 2014
Need some new ideas for using local winter ingredients? Try them on a pizza! Pizza’s a good choice for getting through these last few chilly weeks—hot, crispy, cheesy, and offering new tastes of good good local vegetables and fruits.
Visit winter farmers’ markets or retailers specializing in local products to [continue reading]

Recruiting Vendors: Charlemont Farmers’ Market

Mar 3 2014
The small but mighty Charlemont Farmers’ Market celebrates our Fifth Anniversary this year by actively recruiting new vendors for the 2014 season. Open Saturday from 10–2 beginning in early June on a prime, highly visible Mohawk Trail location.
We have seen an astounding increase in traffic in the last couple years due to the expansion [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, March 1: Maple Meal Menu

Mar 1 2014
It’s fun to put together a full maple menu – especially at the height of maple season – so here are some great ideas to help you to pick and choose when creating the perfect meal for your maple celebration. March is the height of maple season so be sure to stop by these [continue reading]

End of a sweet run, South Face Farm maple restaurant makes this syrup season its last

Feb 26 2014
The Recorder, February 26, 2014. By Richie Davis    ASHFIELD — The stack of pancakes is tall, and the line of hungry eaters-to-be waiting to get at them is growing.
It’s sugaring-season at South Face Farm, where throngs of weekend visitors turning out for pancakes, waffles, fritters and more has been a nearly [continue reading]

Holyoke Farmers Market Seeking Vendors

Feb 25 2014
For the 2014 market season, Thursdays May through October, the Holyoke Farmers Market is seeking vendors selling meat, cheese, bread, eggs, jams, sauces and art and crafts.
Please contact: to apply [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, February 15, 2014: Cheese

Feb 15 2014
If you’re craving snow-season comfort food, but want delicious and local as well, visit a farmers’ market or local retailer for a selection of local cheeses. Make an extra-special mac and cheese, or top a baked potato with crumbled cheese and bacon. Put out an appetizer plate of pickles, crunchy winter radishes, and a variety [continue reading]

Op-Ed:Claire Morenon & Philip Korman: Eating Locally, even in winter

Feb 8 2014
Daily Hampshire Gazette, February 8, 2014. By Claire Morenon & Philip Korman.
Northampton– Many people have embraced eating locally because of the quality, the benefits to our environment and local economy and the opportunity to connect with those who grow our food. But many residents don’t realize that farmers’ markets continue with [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, February 8th, 2014: Honey

Feb 8 2014
Need a sweet winter pick-me-up? Try local honey. Find local farmers’ recipes for Lamb with Honey, Almonds and Raisins, and a Moroccan Carrot Salad with honey-sweetened dressing, in Recipes & Cooking Tips. Finish your meal with a moist honey cake. Or, more simply, treat yourself to a cup of honey-sweetened chai on a snowy afternoon. [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, February 1, 2014: Carrots

Feb 1 2014
Young people at preschools, schools and colleges across Massachusetts will enjoy local and regionally-grown carrots in February, thanks to Massachusetts Farm to School’s Harvest of the Month Program.  Some of the 695 participating schools will offer fresh carrots, and others will serve carrot coins frozen by the Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center in Greenfield.  You, [continue reading]

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