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Urban Landscape Inspirations from Native Plant Communities

Mar 30 2022
Urban Landscape Inspirations from Native Plant Communities Wednesday, May 4, 7-8:30pm
Hosted by Grow Native Massachusetts
Online and Free, Register at:
Event Details :
Whether at ground level or high above the city streets, growing plants in an urban setting imposes stress, both for the [continue reading]

Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop | Westhampton | February 26

Feb 21 2022
Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop Saturday, February 26, 1-3pm
At Bee Forage Farm 42 Mine Road, Westhampton, MA
Tickets $25:
FaceBook Event Details :
With fruit trees still in winter dormancy, now is the time to prune. Are you ready to learn the techniques [continue reading]

The Cultivator – Spring 2020

Jun 12 2020
The Spring 2020 Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter, is now available online.
The post The Cultivator – Spring 2020 appeared first on Cornucopia Institute . [continue reading]

Avoid These Autumn Garden Mistakes

Sep 7 2016
Cornucopia’s Take: Organic gardening is sometimes more labor-intensive than conventional gardening, but there are tricks to ease the workload. Rodale offers great advice for gardeners.
8 Gardening Mistakes You Make Every Fall
Rodale’s Organic Life
by Rebecca Straus
Source: Bill [continue reading]

Big Drop in Neonics in Pollinator Plants at Big Box Stores

Aug 31 2016
Cornucopia’s Take: Increasing consumer awareness is clearly encouraging stores to consider pollinators as they procure garden plants for sale. Voting with our forks as well as our gardens is changing what is available in the marketplace.
Big drop found in neonicotinoid content of home stores’ ‘bee-friendly’ flowers
[continue reading]

New Certification Program for Growing Cannabis

Aug 31 2016
Cornucopia’s Take: With the rise in medical marijuana prescriptions, concerns arise about environmental practices and toxic chemicals used in growing the plants. MOFGA is now offering Clean Cannabis Certification to growers following organic guidelines.
MOFGA Announces Clean Cannabis Certification Program
Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association [continue reading]

Beekeepers’ Pesticides May Hinder Bees’ Digestion

Aug 23 2016
Cornucopia’s Take: Pesticides applied to keep bees safe from parasites like Varroa mites have been found to alter bees’ gut microbiota. Growing evidence in the beekeeping world points to using management techniques to control pests and safeguard bee health.
Pesticides used to help bees may actually harm them [continue reading]

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