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Quonquont Farm in Whately to host second annual blueberry festival

Jul 15 2019
By TINKY WEISBLAT, For the Recorder, July 10, 2019

The local blueberry season is upon us. Fat, high-bush blueberries have appeared at farms in the Pioneer Valley, luring buyers with the promise of pies, muffins and extra-delicious cereal.
At Quonquont Farm in Whately, the blueberries have their own festival. On [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Blueberries

Jul 12 2019
Robert Sobieski is a man who loves blueberries. “I never get sick of them,” he told me during a recent conversation. “Every time I’m out there I take a few handfuls. It’s just too hard to resist.” As the owner of River Valley Farm in Whately, it’s easy for Sobieski to indulge his passion for [continue reading]

Profile: Nasami Farm Native Plant Nursery

May 8 2014
Nasami.greenhouse.creditCayteMcDonough.notours By Jenny Miller Sechler
Published in the CISA May 2014 ENewsletter
Visit Nasami Farm’s website
The drive to Nasami Farm in Whately winds its way through wooded groves and open fields, and the farm itself lies on 75 beautiful acres of forest, meadow, and stream. Visitors to the farm [continue reading]

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