Local Hero Profile: GoBerry

Aug 12 2017

photo: GoBerry

Alex and Molly Feinstein opened GoBerry in 2010 in downtown Northampton, fulfilling their shared dream of owning a business in the Pioneer Valley. They wanted to offer a high-quality product that emphasized simplicity: frozen yogurt made fresh daily from milk, sugar, and fruit. Alex and Molly know that making a good product requires good ingredients from reliable sources; they’ve built strong relationships with local farmers, who are both their suppliers and their friends. Today, GoBerry is a popular spot for frozen treats in Northampton and at their second location in Amherst.

“We have a massive amount of respect for the farmers. It really does feel like a partnership.” -Molly Feinstein, owner

An atmosphere for everyone

At GoBerry, customer service is a top priority, and the staff try their best to accommodate special requests and allergies. GoBerry strives to be a place where people feel taken care of, and they’ve resisted the industry trend towards self-serve frozen yogurt stations in favor of a more personal approach.

photo: GoBerry

A commitment to the community

“Grown here. Made here fresh,” is GoBerry’s tagline. Local purchasing can be expensive, but GoBerry is committed to offering fair wages to their staff and paying farmers what their products are worth.

A reason to visit

Based on a suggestion from a customer, GoBerry’s Strawberry Basil flavor has quickly become a local favorite — and it highlights two great local flavors!

Did you know?

After years of making frozen yogurt, Alex and Molly believe you can actually taste a difference in milk that comes from cows who start eating grass early in the spring!

GoBerry supports Mapleline Farm

Farmer: John Kokoski

Story: Mapleline Farm is a family-owned and -operated dairy farm founded in 1904, and is currently milking a nationally recognized herd of Jersey cows. Mapleline is committed to preserving farmland for future generations and building a sustainable business model. Their commitment to the environment has inspired them to use energy efficient lighting and cooling systems and produce about 150kW of solar power for their operations. Mapleline’s milk can be found in retail outlets throughout Massachusetts.



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