MassLive building offers new art gallery and musical performances in formerly vacant bank space

Dec 11 2016

As a result of the most recent Futurecity conference in Springfield, the MassLive building was inspired to develop and create a new public space.

SPRINGFIELD — As a result of the most recent Futurecity conference in Springfield, where Tim Jones, head of strategy for the London-based consulting firm, suggested that Springfield should emphasize its Dr. Seuss roots, the owner of the MassLive building was inspired to develop and create a new public space.

The building, located at 1350 Main Street, has turned the former vacant bank retail space into a new art gallery and music venue. 

The new space currently features a variety of art work from UMass Amherst professor and artist John Simpson and his students alongside holiday decorations.

Jazz performances featuring a variety of local artists, including Jereau Pitts, Jeremy Turgeon, Joe Sallins and students and faculty of the Springfield Community Music School, will be offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during the month of December at noon. 

The space is open to the public and guests can enjoy coffee or lunch from Palazzos Cafe as they experience the art and musical offerings. 

“Similar to the White Lion Wednesday event that took place over the summer, we encourage people working downtown to come over to enjoy a beverage of your choice, food and hear some very talented musicians from our area,” said Evan Plotkin, President of NAI Plotkin in a statement. 

“It is our unwavering belief that showcasing incredible art produces the oxygen that breathes life into the city,” Plotkin said. “There is also no better way to use the vacant retail space downtown. Collectively, through innovation and collaboration we are bound to be transformative if not life-sustaining to the future city of Springfield.” 

On Thursday, Dec. 29 the new space in MassLive building will also be the venue for a “songwriters night” featuring Peter Newland, Sammy Plotkin, Lisa Martin, Mikey Sweet, Jim K and more, with performances will beginning at 6 p.m. 



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