CISA raising money to support local farms during pandemic

Apr 4 2020

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A non-profit is raising money to help local farms stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

While businesses are struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, so are farmers. An organization hopes to help alleviate some of the stress. The non-profit, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture or CISA, was hoping to raise at least $50,000 by the end of the month which would offer farms no-interest loans to help them through the pandemic.

So far, they have exceeded their expectations, raising more than $85,000. The organization helps encourage locals to buy locally grown food. With the loan, it would be no interest, and farmers wouldn’t have to pay back for six months.

Philip Korman, executive director of CISA is grateful for the progress, “We’ve had amazing, generous outpouring from the community, in some ways not surprising. So many people have lived here for generations or have moved here and stayed here because of the farms and all they do for all of us.”

The non-profit has done this before during times of hardship during hurricanes and blizzards. There are 250 farms in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties, and the executive director said this money will go a long way.

The organization said they will continue to accept donations after the end of the month, because of the outpouring.



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