Smoke from wildfires out west drifting toward New England

Aug 25 2018
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“Radar capturing birds taking flight;” a hazy sunrise and sunset is likely in parts of New England as western wildfires drift east.

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Massachusetts and parts of New England could see the smokey remnants of dangerous and intense wildfires from the western part of the country this weekend.

The National Weather Service reports that in parts of Maine and potentially eastern Massachusetts, the sunrise and sunset on Friday could include haze from the wildfires that have raged in the western part of the state, from California to Oregon to Colorado.

“Elevated smoke” from the western U.S. and Canada will move across northern and eastern Maine, and┬áparts of Massachusetts may see some very light smoke as well.

“Radar capturing birds taking flight,” the National Weather Service’s Boston-area arm reported in a 7 a.m. update. “A hazy sunrise thanks in part to smoke from wildfires.”

Major metro areas out west this summer have seen one of the worst wildfire seasons to date, according to reports. Areas impacted include the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, Portland, and even Denver and parts of Idaho, which saw thick smoke pour over the border from wildfires in Canada.

Though Massachusetts will not be strongly impacted, the National Weather Service did say any haze drifting toward New England could “make for some spectacular sunsets later” Friday evening.



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