Emerson College student shoots music video by recording in every city and town in Massachusetts

Dec 11 2017
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There’s a new song about and sung in Massachusetts.

This past summer, Emerson College senior Noah Wisch made his way through every city and town in Massachusetts playing a note on his ukulele at each stop.

From Abington to Yarmouth, Wisch’s goal was to compile an original instrumental ukulele song, which he did as he played underneath every city and town sign in the state.

Each of the notes played in the 351 cities and towns turned into Wisch’s song “Sidewalks,” which was posted to Youtube on Monday.

“Massachusetts has been my home for my entire life. It’s where I’ve grown up and made so many of my fondest memories. One day I had a thought: I’m an adventure nut — I’ve crossed the United States by car multiple times and travelled to a number of different countries around the globe — and yet there are still places in my home state that I’ve never seen,” wrote Wisch on his Youtube video.

“I wanted to explore all the cities and towns that I had heard of but never been to. And so this project came to be…Massachusetts is such an incredible and beautiful state; from the big cities to the small farm towns, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy themselves.”

In the video, Wisch poses underneath the infamous white and blue, city and town Massachusetts signs in alphabetical order as he plays his ukulele.

Wisch spent three months traveling around the state with his girlfriend, Emmalie Keenan, to record this video.




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