Patrick Rowan’s Skywatch: August great time for skywatching

Aug 9 2018
August evenings offer a special blend of ease and comfort.
August is great for skywatching here in southern New England, both day and night. Summer is loosing its grip as the days shorten ever so slightly, but with increasing dispatch. The earlier sunsets are hard to ignore, as is the temptation to stay out [continue reading]

Community-Based Events for the Solar Eclipse

Aug 17 2017
On Monday, August 21, 2017, the moon will pass in front of the sun, creating a solar eclipse which will be visible throughout the United States. In western Massachusetts, this event will be visible as a partial eclipse, as the moon will not entirely obscure our view of the sun. In fourteen states across the [continue reading]

High Tech Planetarium Takes Us to the Stars

Oct 8 2015
Milham Planetarium at Williams College is an incredible high-tech resource for Western Mass. Astronomy students in the area always seem to want to open up the planets for the rest of us. All through the Fall they will host free shows for the general public. There is something scientifically hypnotic about a planet show, and [continue reading]

Western MA Planetariums and Online Resources for Space Studies

Jan 29 2013
Resources for Supporting the Study of Space Science Studies of outer space can be mysterious and intriguing to young minds and there are many resources to support a students interest in the study of space, both online and in Western MA. ONLINE RESOURCES The website StarChild offers a wealth of information and basic internet-based activities [continue reading]



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