Engage in Community-Based Learning & Service: Become a Pet Foster Family

Dec 7 2014
Engage in some furry family community service by becoming a foster family for a local animal shelter or humane society! Cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and even birds await foster placements all over western Massachusetts, and providing a foster home to pets waiting adoption is a fantastic way to not only enjoy some animal [continue reading]

How to Hold a Holiday Food Drive, Anytime of the Year!

Oct 30 2013
Food drives are just one of the many ways to help support those in need within your community, and food banks and survival centers are generally so easy to support and access that even teens and tweens can facilitate food drives at their schools or in their neighborhoods. Learn how you can host a food [continue reading]

6 Ways to Observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Western MA

Jan 16 2013
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Opportunities and Celebrations in Western MA Monday, January 21, 2013 Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and dedication to creating change in our country can be done in many ways.  The day will be celebrated in Western MA at concerts, lectures, worship services, and ceremonies throughout the region. [continue reading]

DIY: Repurposed Planters for Paperwhites For Giving

Dec 11 2012
DIY Pictorial: Yarn Wrapped Tin Can Planters By Amber Ladley When Hilltown Families asked Knack: The Art of Clever Reuse to come up with a creative (and decorative) way to help families plant Paperwhite bulbs donated by Hadley Garden Center at the first ever Hilltown Families’ Family Community Service Night, we put our clever minds [continue reading]

10 Ways to Give Back & Support Your Community Around Thanksgiving

Nov 19 2012
News & Information on Service Learning, Community Service, & Family Volunteering Opportunities Around Thanksgiving Day Looking for ways to give back to your community during the holidays. Here are 10 ideas we’ve shared this week on the Hilltown Families Facebook Page.  Ideas range from volunteering with your family for a single evening to hosting an [continue reading]

Community Service: Volunteering as a Family

Apr 14 2012
Community Service: Volunteering as a Family During the holiday season there was much discussion about community service opportunities families could participate in together. Now that spring has arrived, many parks are getting ready for the season with spring clean ups, an excellent time of the year for families to participate in community service together, while [continue reading]



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