25 Children’s Books For Back-to-School

Sep 2 2019
“Back to school!” These words can evoke a variety of emotions in the hearts of children everywhere. For some, this time can be full of anxiety and concerns over making friends, fitting in, and finding their way around a new school or classroom. Even self-directed learners and homeschool families can feel the jitters associated with [continue reading]

16 Books for Summer Reading

Jul 16 2019
Summer is here, and kids are looking forward to playing outside and enjoying the warm weather while swimming, riding their bikes and exploring. It’s also an excellent time for reading. Even though school is out, kids can still keep learning by reading over the summer. Public libraries make that more fun with their summer reading [continue reading]

Soup’s On: Picky Eaters, Part 3

Aug 26 2015
This month in “Soup’s On: Stirring Up Connections in the Kitchen,” Dane continues the spotlight on picky eaters. The conversation continues by taking a look at youth and young adults, and how NOT to turn dinnertime into a battlefield of exasperation. [continue reading]

Time to Talk: 11 Apps to Support Children’s Language Skills

Jul 9 2015
The activities we do when on vacation can be used to support vocabulary and language skills. When used together with your kids, apps can also be useful tools to stimulate communication and fostering language carryover. This month in “Time to Talk,” speech-language pathologist Kathy Puckett shares 11 apps to use to support children’s language skills [continue reading]

What to do with Fiddleheads?

May 30 2015
Fiddleheads are an enigma. These unusual looking greens when handled properly in the kitchen can unleash a joyous culinary moment! Read on and see about the Fiddlehead Arugula Salad that YOU can make for your family, getting your kids excited about eating local food! Let us know how it goes! [continue reading]

The Good Life: A Parent As Sports Spectator

Nov 22 2014
As a parent of a little child, you spend so much time protecting from the jarring contact of the outside world. Sometimes it seems the world is just full of accidents waiting to happen and you are there to protect your child from them the best you can….And then there is sports with its crunching [continue reading]

The Garden Plot: Season End Learning Through Gardening

Sep 10 2014
Most homeowners are probably gardened out by this time of the year. But if you do a few simple chores now it will give you a leg up come spring. See Jim’s list of four to do this September to minimize your headaches next spring. You might even unearth some embedded learning in the process! [continue reading]

Parenting Green: Climate Change Education & Action

Aug 6 2014
This is an eye-opening piece by Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Angie Gregory, in “Parenting Green” this month. Status quo capitalism provides regular obstacles to addressing the alarming change in the earth’s natural conditions. However, a culture of calling for positive change has had impact and families continue to have a voice that can be heard. [continue reading]

A Love Letter to My Children

Feb 10 2014
If you were to write a love letter to your children, what would it say? This month in “The Good Life: A Year of Thoughtful Seasons,” Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Sarah Mattison Buhl, shares what her love letter to her children would read like… [continue reading]

Parenting Green: Winter Curiosity & Outdoor Play

Jan 1 2014
“I am always amazed at how the kids tend to be the ones to notice the pulse of our natural world through their curiosity,” writes Angie this month in ‘Parenting Green.’ What are some of the ways your family stays connected to nature when the winter wind and snow makes you feel like it’s not [continue reading]

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