Soup’s On: Picky Eaters, Part 3

Aug 26 2015
This month in “Soup’s On: Stirring Up Connections in the Kitchen,” Dane continues the spotlight on picky eaters. The conversation continues by taking a look at youth and young adults, and how NOT to turn dinnertime into a battlefield of exasperation. [continue reading]

What to do with Fiddleheads?

May 30 2015
Fiddleheads are an enigma. These unusual looking greens when handled properly in the kitchen can unleash a joyous culinary moment! Read on and see about the Fiddlehead Arugula Salad that YOU can make for your family, getting your kids excited about eating local food! Let us know how it goes! [continue reading]

The Popover: Featured Holiday Recipe from The Red Lion Inn

Dec 8 2013
Brian Alberg, Executive Chef at The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, shares his recipe for Rosemary Popovers, a pastry that is rich in history and delicious at any meal. Read about the history of the popover, and it’s predecessor, Yorkshire pudding, and print out Brian’s recipe to cook up for your family dinner tonight!
[continue reading]

Oak & Acorn: Forage, Farm and Feast with the Family

May 20 2013
Tasting the Evergreens Life in Western MA has its many pleasures. So many times I feel really lucky to live where I do and to be surrounded by so much beauty. The mountains, the rivers, the farmland, the flora and the fauna are just some of the things I appreciate. I live in the Pioneer [continue reading]

Mushroom Barley Soup

Apr 1 2013
Mushroom Barley Soup I wake up in the morning thinking of the billowing steam from maple sap boiling. I love going to sugar houses to see the dramatic plumes of steam rising, to smell the sweet maple aroma, to taste the first of the season’s delicate, delicious syrup…to experience the promise of spring again. My [continue reading]

A Quick, Cozy & Nourishing Meal For the Winter Months

Dec 3 2012
Quick and Cozy Spicy Chickpeas and Simple Couscous The diminishing afternoon/evening light seems to get my stomach rumbling for dinner much earlier than our usual late night dinner hour. When I tune into my natural rhythms, my body yearns for meals earlier and sleep much earlier than I am accustomed to. I look forward to [continue reading]

Kettles Full of Apple Chutney

Nov 5 2012
Apple Chutney When our vegetable garden begins slowing down, we begin apple season. We harvest our own apples, visit friends who have apple trees, and gather apples from wild trees and abandoned orchards. It’s apple time early in the morning before work, late at night when we return home, and on our day off. We [continue reading]

Two Fall Soups for Chilly Autumn Nights

Oct 1 2012
Fall Soups Tomatillo and Fresh Corn Soup We plant LOTS of tomatillos. One of our staple breakfasts is fried eggs, over easy, with salsa verde and Monterey jack melted on top. We can (and use!) dozens of jars each year. We also dehydrate tomatillo slices for winter use. If we’ve preserved all the salsa verde [continue reading]

Maple Dessert to Follow a Spring Dinner

Apr 2 2012
Maple Flan We were given some fresh eggs by a friend with chickens. The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes invite inspiration. Hmm … we have some Taproot Commons Farm raw milk to use up. Amy’s going to be happy tonight! Whatever we have for dinner, we are going to end our meal with creamy, [continue reading]



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