Journal-Making: Creative Outlet for Bringing Family Together

Aug 11 2014
Journaling is back in fashion! Encouraging your children to absorb the world and then springing their ideas onto the page is the gold standard in creative and personal development. Read on how to see how to set up this creative outlet and how to make it a family involved project. [continue reading]

Journal-Making: Inspiration for Writing & Drawing

Jul 17 2013
Making Journals with Kids Can Encourage & Support Language & Visual Art Skills It’s no secret of parenting that kids have a lot to say. Just as our own adult brains are constantly stirring through ideas, memories, and observations, children’s brains are working just as hard. They make note of interesting things that they see [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Simple Games & Storytelling

May 15 2013
Simple Games We recently attended literacy night at our school. My little one enjoys any and all extra free time with friends on school grounds. Whatever the activity, she loves to go. She asks to go to PTO meetings. It means time being silly in school running about and connecting with friends from other grades. [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Sunflower & Popcorn Houses

Apr 17 2013
Families in the Dirt Snow pants, boots and mittens be gone! It’s time for sunny afternoons and mud pies after a spring rain. Outdoor clean up. Digging. Rakes. Water. Hoses. Sticks. Rocks. Shovels. Mud. Now that the younger ones are completely engrossed in dirt play, encourage the older kids to put down their devices and [continue reading]

Edible Books: Creative Free Play in the Kitchen Meets Literature

Apr 3 2013
What Happens When Creative Free Play in the Kitchen Meets Literature? EDIBLE BOOKS! If you devour books, does that make you a bookworm?  Does your family sometimes seem to subsist on the sustenance of words alone, rather than actual food?  Creative book lovers rejoice, for the ultimate opportunity to show your love for books has [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Keeping the Childhood Love of Drawing Alive!

Mar 20 2013
Free Draw for Free Play For a few years I was experimenting with effective drawing projects and trying to spread a love and excitement for art with college freshman. I asked each new group of students why they came to art school and why they thought friends stopped drawing and making things. Some had never [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Guerilla Play

Feb 20 2013
Play it Forward This month we need to spread the play. It’s cold out. People are looking for signs of spring. I think families can brighten a little corner of our world with kindness and have great fun doing it. Many people are helping neighbors near and far. Knitters have made blanket squares for victims [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Great Day for Snow Play!

Jan 16 2013
Go Out in the Snow a Bit Each Day! It’s a great day to get out into the snow!  Just add kids and go!  But before you head out, prepare so as to optimize the fun! Set up a healthy snack for the kids to energize and hydrate, then have them take a bathroom break [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Stories from Family Holidays to Inspire Creative Free Play

Dec 19 2012
What a great time of year to tell stories! Share family stories. What was this time of year like when you were little? What holidays did you celebrate? What special activities did you do? Boost family memories by telling stories about a special day spent together. Create new mysteries and adventures. What if Jack Frost [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Simple Play at the Table

Nov 21 2012
Where did all the play go? Am I the only parent that is mourning its loss? The new math makes sense to me. I read Old Dogs, New Math: Homework Help for Puzzled Parents last winter after a friend with middle school aged children mentioned the math concepts coming my way. I like to be [continue reading]

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