The Dinner Table: Supportive Pantry & Easy Meals

Sep 2 2013
What’s in your pantry? Having a pantry that supports both a busy family lifestyle and quick health meals can also support time well spent with your family a meal times. This month in “The Dinner Table,” Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, John Sarrouf, shares his go-to list for a supportive pantry and ideas for meals for [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: The Family Dinner Experience

Jun 24 2013
Family Dinners: Joy or Indigestion? The extensive research on the benefits of family dinners has seemed to define eating together as the make it or break it sign to raising healthy, well-adjusted children. I do agree that family meals have potential to be an opportunity to catch up on the day’s events and bond in [continue reading]

Mushroom Barley Soup

Apr 1 2013
Mushroom Barley Soup I wake up in the morning thinking of the billowing steam from maple sap boiling. I love going to sugar houses to see the dramatic plumes of steam rising, to smell the sweet maple aroma, to taste the first of the season’s delicate, delicious syrup…to experience the promise of spring again. My [continue reading]

Q&A: 12 Suggestions for Including Babies During Family Dinner

Feb 3 2013
QUESTION AND ANSWERS When your kids were babies, how did you include them at the dinner table? Jennifer Shiao Page writes, “Well, when she was a wee one, we always ate when she was asleep. Once she could sit up, we put her in the high chair and she sat at the table with us. [continue reading]

Just My Type: Finding Normalcy During Holiday Meals

Dec 17 2012
Chew On This This past Thanksgiving, the cheese bit back. In our home, Thanksgiving has been a holiday that focuses on the three Fs: family, football — and food. Because of that, it is the second of the five late fall/early winter obstacles our family must hurdle while raising a child with type one diabetes. [continue reading]

A Quick, Cozy & Nourishing Meal For the Winter Months

Dec 3 2012
Quick and Cozy Spicy Chickpeas and Simple Couscous The diminishing afternoon/evening light seems to get my stomach rumbling for dinner much earlier than our usual late night dinner hour. When I tune into my natural rhythms, my body yearns for meals earlier and sleep much earlier than I am accustomed to. I look forward to [continue reading]

Kettles Full of Apple Chutney

Nov 5 2012
Apple Chutney When our vegetable garden begins slowing down, we begin apple season. We harvest our own apples, visit friends who have apple trees, and gather apples from wild trees and abandoned orchards. It’s apple time early in the morning before work, late at night when we return home, and on our day off. We [continue reading]



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