6 Resources for Learning at Home During Frankenstorm While the Lights are On!

Oct 29 2012
Hurricane Sandy and Halloween Offer Learning Opportunities Online Hurricane Sandy might have schools closed while we await her arrival, but the learning can continue at home (so long as you have power!). Check out these online resources to brush up on math, chemistry, physiology, language arts and world & local history: MATH After you’ve battening [continue reading]

One Clover & A Bee: Poetry for Halloween

Oct 24 2012
Tricks & Treats: Two Not-So-Spooky Poems Halloween is a time when we like to be scared…a little, and some of us more than others. In the light of day when we’re putting on our costumes and makeup, it’s easy to see that you are you and I am me. But when the sun goes down, [continue reading]

10 New Picture Books for Halloween

Oct 23 2012
10 New Picture Books for Halloween Halloween is just days away. In our home there is a flurry of costume making and pumpkin carving and spider webbing as we countdown to the spookiest day of the year. And each evening, as the jack-o-lanterns glow in the dark, we take out the Halloween stories. This year, [continue reading]

8 Halloween Costume Safety Tips

Oct 15 2012
Halloween Costume Safety Tips Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids (and grown-ups!). To help ensure they have a safe holiday, here are eight tips the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests for keeping kids safe in their costumes: Plan costumes that are bright and reflective. Make sure that shoes fit well and that [continue reading]



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