Connecting Math Education to Real Life Scenarios

Oct 29 2014
Have you ever thought to measure your family’s consumption of things not in pounds, gallons, or grams, but in terms of children, cats, or pebbles? Exploring statistics becomes more interesting when children learn how to be creative with not only the units used, but the topics that they research, as well. Drawing inspiration from the [continue reading]

STEMBite: Bite Sized Videos Supporting STEM Education

Jul 10 2013
Add some science to these hot summer days with STEMBite, a YouTube channel that offers snack-size videos focused on topics in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and the things in our everyday lives that they are related to… [continue reading]

Q&A: 8 Ways to Make Math Fun at Home

Oct 21 2012
QUESTION AND ANSWERS Deborah Doulette of Whately, MA writes, “How do you bring (fun!) math into your household and engage your kids in real math problems? For example, we play a type of math word game at the dinner table. Would love other suggestions!” Amber Ladley suggests, “We like to cook/bake together. Recipes are great [continue reading]



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