Community Resource Supports Native American and Indigenous Studies

Oct 12 2015
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Offered through UMass, the weekly Community Connect discussion series provides adults and teens with an opportunity to explore Native American and Indigenous studies and build community to support further learning surrounding such topics. Such topics include Halloween and building awareness of cultural sensitivity. ¬†Find out more [continue reading]

Earliest Footage of Native American Drumming

Aug 22 2012
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missing image A Sioux frame drum, 1904; Museum of Modern Art
The Afrodrumming organization recently produced this video detailing two early recorded examples of Native American drumming. Many thanks to Kelle Jolly of Carpetbag Theatre for leading us to this video
Please find the [continue reading]

Update: The Black Hills Are Not For Sale

Jan 25 2012
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missing image Mural Installation on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles; Honor The Treaties Facebook Page
Last year we discussed Honor The Treaties, a promising collaboration between photographer Aaron Huey , the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and a host of urban and indigenous street artists.  [continue reading]

The People Speak: New Work From Jetsonorama

Jan 11 2012
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missing image Wheat paste of CJ at the Tuba City, AZ, rodeo grounds on fair day; Jetsonorama

Where else would you find a black guy applying wallpaper to the
outside of an outhouse at 7 in the morning at a rodeo on an indian
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