Nature Table for October

Oct 20 2014
October is a bright month, and the nature treasures of mid-fall are plentiful. Similar to September’s offerings, collections this month in “Nature Tables” have included lots of mushrooms, seeds, and colorful leaves – all indicators that though temperatures have remained warm, the winter is coming! [continue reading]

Nature Table for September

Sep 16 2014
September’s chilly mornings have arrived, bringing with them the first natural indicators of fall. The back-to-school month’s treasures reveal an emerging rainbow of color amongst the summer’s sea of green, as well as the harvest of foods of all kinds (for both humans and local creatures!). Though early fall flowers may be allergy-producing for some, [continue reading]

Fall and Winter: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century

Mar 7 2014
Published by under Art, Poetry and Musings
A Survival Guide for the 21st Century

For over two years, director Matt Anderson traveled 16,000 miles to document firsthand our modern industrial world and the environmental destruction in its wake. In the process, he discovered exciting strategies to help humanity transcend the coming ecological and psychological crisis.
Some [continue reading]

The Ripple: River Walking

Jul 22 2013
This month in “The Ripple: Stories About Western MA Rivers,” Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Kurt Heidinger, writes about river access .Check out his 5 pointers on how to river walk, preventing a wipe out due to slippery rocks and strong currents… [continue reading]

The Ripple: Insects of Spring

May 27 2013
Published by under Flora and Fauna
Before May Flies, Meet the Mayfly Imagine never getting swarmed and bit by mayflies as you revel in the vivacities unleashed by the ubiquitous green fountain of spring. Imagine gardening, or hiking, or simply sitting on a park bench without having to constantly swat and flinch and keep from going mad as the mayflies crawl [continue reading]

The Ripple: The Magic of Spring Peepers. The Science of Vernal Pools

Apr 22 2013
How do spring peepers know when to start singing? How do spring peepers know when to start singing? They don’t have weather reports, or the ability to see the buds forming on trees, the snow melting, or teens walking around in shorts and T’s when it’s 40 degrees and climbing. Certainly, there are scientific reasons [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Guerilla Play

Feb 20 2013
Play it Forward This month we need to spread the play. It’s cold out. People are looking for signs of spring. I think families can brighten a little corner of our world with kindness and have great fun doing it. Many people are helping neighbors near and far. Knitters have made blanket squares for victims [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Great Day for Snow Play!

Jan 16 2013
Go Out in the Snow a Bit Each Day! It’s a great day to get out into the snow!  Just add kids and go!  But before you head out, prepare so as to optimize the fun! Set up a healthy snack for the kids to energize and hydrate, then have them take a bathroom break [continue reading]



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