Just My Type: The Cat Knocked Over the Christmas Tree

Dec 16 2013
When the Christmas tree hits the floor and tinsel and ornaments go flying, there’s not much to do other than up the pieces and put it all back together again. This is a metaphor Rebecca uses to lift herself up as she tries to put the pieces of a “normal” life back together for her [continue reading]

Hindsight Parenting: How to Raise Emotionally Resilient Children?

Oct 1 2013
This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan is looking for your feedback on how to raise an emotional resilient child… [continue reading]

Hindsight Parenting: Skipping the Mega Birthday Party

Sep 3 2013
The second time around as a parent, Logan is choosing for a simple celebration for her four year old rather than the ginormous, thematic, disco-ball-spinnin’ parties she felt obligated to trump each year the first time around as a parent… Read about it this month in her bi-monthly column, “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: Challenges of Same-Sex Co-Parenting

Aug 26 2013
This week in “Parenting Possibilities,” Shana writes about the challenging aspects of co-parenting in a same-sex relationship. From discrimination to no pre-prescribed roles to assume, her experience at times is one of constant negotiations… [continue reading]

Hindsight Parenting: Bubbies and Body Image

Aug 20 2013
Big bubbies. Small bubbies. Bubbies of all shapes and sizes. This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan shares her experiences and challenges with teaching her daughter about body image and accepting and loving our bodies just how they are… but first, she’s going on a spandex diet and letting her own curves all hang out!
[continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: The Chinese Finger Trap

Jul 29 2013
This month Shana uses the metaphor of the Chinese Finger Trap as it applies to parenting power struggles with her youngest son. Read her monthly column, “Parenting Possibilities: Contemplation with a Splash of Inspiration” to find out how a small woven bamboo cylinder helped her let go of anger during a power struggle with her [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: The Family Dinner Experience

Jun 24 2013
Family Dinners: Joy or Indigestion? The extensive research on the benefits of family dinners has seemed to define eating together as the make it or break it sign to raising healthy, well-adjusted children. I do agree that family meals have potential to be an opportunity to catch up on the day’s events and bond in [continue reading]

Hindsight Parenting: Summer Survival Lists

Jun 4 2013
Preparing for Summer I used to hate summer. You heard me. H.A.T.E. While most educators count down the days until the end of the school year, my dread grows the closer the end of June comes. No, no…I have no aversion to heat, (at least not the kind of heat we get here in upstate [continue reading]

Hindsight Parenting: Loving During Hard Times

May 21 2013
I Am On Your Side Mother’s Day has come and gone and I of course have been reflective. Yes. I have been thinking. I have been thinking about those mommies from Newtown. I have been thinking of mommies of those injured or killed in the Boston bombings. I have been thinking of moms who are [continue reading]

Community Conversation: Talking to Your Kids About Sex, Part 3

May 8 2013
Hilltown Families presents… “Puberty for Parents” part of the Talking to Your Kids About Sex Series of Community Conversations with Brooke Norton Held at Cup & Top Café in Florence Tuesday, May 21st from 6:30-8:30pm Hilltown Families and Cup and Top Café are presenting a series of free talks for parents with Brooke Norton, Certified [continue reading]

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