20 Recommendations for Staying Entertained Inside on a Snow Day!

Feb 12 2021
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The post 20 Recommendations for Staying Entertained Inside on a Snow Day! appeared first on Hilltown Families . [continue reading]

Q&A: How Does Your Family Handle Screen Time Limits in the Summer?

Aug 13 2013
Recently we asked our readers how they are handling screen time with their kids this summer and how they are setting limits. Ranging from bargaining chips to getting rid of electronics, our readers had great advice to offer, once again! [continue reading]

Recommended Fiction Titles with Autistic Characters

Apr 7 2013
QUESTION AND ANSWERS One of our readers is looking for a book recommendation written from the perspective of a child with Asperger’s syndrome or autism for their preteen reader. Any suggestions? Amy Meltzer recommends: Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko, and Rules by Cynthia Lord. Kate Holdsworth Hammond recommends: The London Eye Mystery [continue reading]

Q&A: Email for Kids

Feb 24 2013
QUESTION AND ANSWERS One of our readers is looking to set up an email account for their tween.  — “Are there any recommendations from other parents on how to set up a monitored email account for a grade school child (10yo), in particular has anyone ever used KidsEmail.org? Gmail requires kids to be 13yo+ and [continue reading]

Q&A: Let’s Talk Bedtime

Feb 17 2013
QUESTION AND ANSWERS Let’s talk bedtime… What time does your child go to bed, and what is their age? Pulled from our archives, here’s what our readers had to share… Nancyjo Craig Rongner writes: “‎22.5 months. Somewhere between 7 and 8.” Amanda Saklad‎ writes: “5, 9, 11 – all go to bed at 8pm (the [continue reading]

Q&A: 12 Suggestions for Including Babies During Family Dinner

Feb 3 2013
QUESTION AND ANSWERS When your kids were babies, how did you include them at the dinner table? Jennifer Shiao Page writes, “Well, when she was a wee one, we always ate when she was asleep. Once she could sit up, we put her in the high chair and she sat at the table with us. [continue reading]

20 Recommendations for Keeping the Family Entertained in Subzero Weather

Jan 27 2013
QUESTION AND ANSWERS How does your family stay entertained when you’re snowed in (and the temps dip below 0°)? Amy Meltzer writes: “Blokus, Backgammon, Spot It, Clue, puzzles…baking cookies…and what my girls call “book conferences” when we all get in bed and read together.” Andrew Woodland writes: “Play banjo!” Gillian Kyle Budine writes: “Cozy up [continue reading]

9 Resources for Surviving & Thriving the Winter in Western Massachusetts

Dec 28 2012
Survive & Thrive the Winter in Western MA! Now that we finally have some snow, winter play can begin!  Wondering where to get outside for a little winter fun? Or where to go inside for a winter birthday party or ice skating? There’s no better source of information on how to survive and thrive during [continue reading]

Q&A: 18 Recommended Winter Resources & Activities for Families with Special Needs in Western MA

Nov 4 2012
QUESTION AND ANSWERS Jean Engle of North Adams writes, “Once the colder weather sets in, where are the best places to visit and socialize for parents and children with special needs? Are there any specialized activities?” Holyoke High School’s Adaptive Physical Education Program is an inspiration!  Here’s a video of the program they held at [continue reading]

Q&A: 15 Recommended Activities Grandparents Can Do With Their Grandkids in Western MA

Oct 28 2012
QUESTION AND ANSWERS Patricia Valenti writes, “What are some good activities in the area for grandparents to do with their grandkids, or are there any local grandparents groups? I watch my daughter’s son a couple of times a week and want to get out with him more!” Carrie Gabinelle Duda recommends, “Tons of playgroups around. [continue reading]

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