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Sep 20 2014
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grange Independent Grange Communications Network
—an unofficial voice from and for the Grange grassroots—

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let’s help growing innovation get over the hump!

Mar 9 2014
In case it's hard to see, this farmer's clever t-shirt says 'stakes is high'They are 67% funded with 12 days to go.  Every little bit counts!
Growing Innovation Online Library & Book
Why does this project matter? Because stakes is high! 
In case it’s hard to see, this farmer’s clever t-shirt says ‘stakes is high’ To make a more serious [continue reading]

farm commons

Oct 29 2013
a tremendous resource on farm law!  Worth a look.
Farm Commons.org
Farm Commons provides the proactive legal services sustainable farmers need to become the stable, resilient foundation of a community-based food system.
Farm Commons provides business legal services to farmers, creates useful legal education resources, and [continue reading]

a great revision of a classic

Oct 9 2013
760A well-worn favorite on our bookshelf, Keeping A Family Cow, is out again in a revised and updated edition!  Joann S. Grohman wrote the book back in the early 1970s, but it is just as relevant to greenhorns of today.  
Check it out at Chelsea Green . [continue reading]

vegetable problems photo gallery

Aug 2 2013

Save this bookmark for later…here is the link to the PNW Veg Group’s photo gallery of vegetable problems:
http://mtvernon.wsu.edu/path_team/diseasegallery.htm [continue reading]

museum of food and drink

Jul 5 2013
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The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) is a 501©(3) non-profit chartered by the New York State Education Department that is in the early stages of launching a first-of-its-kind food museum in New York City. Our mission is to change the way people think about food and inspire day-to-day curiosity [continue reading]

farm manual

Jun 15 2013
Moss Brook Growers has an amazing resource: an online farm manual, compiling their thoughts from years farming. Check it out here!
Here is a sampler from Section 6, “Recruitment and Labor”: an extended discussion of how to keep an eye out for happy, healthy, and dedicated farmhands. And for farmhands, a model [continue reading]

the berkshire food guild

Jun 1 2013
The Berkshire Food Guild is a community of local food crafters with a mission to support and celebrate the regional foodshed. We partner with area farms to host seasonal feasts and workshops that explore food in the context of the field, the kitchen, and the table.  
A [continue reading]


May 29 2013
HaymakersTV features short, compelling films about successful food entrepreneurs – tastemakers, food artisans, distillers, distributors, chefs, retailers, and innovators making a difference in local and national food systems. [continue reading]

this is the farm

May 11 2013
eric_hermAn amazing podcast series from the Texas Young Farmers Coalition! Great listening if you’ve got a rainy day in the greenhouse or some downtime at the end of a long day.

The details:
What: A podcast highlighting farmers – both young and old – from across the great state of [continue reading]

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