High Tech Planetarium Takes Us to the Stars

Oct 8 2015
Milham Planetarium at Williams College is an incredible high-tech resource for Western Mass. Astronomy students in the area always seem to want to open up the planets for the rest of us. All through the Fall they will host free shows for the general public. There is something scientifically hypnotic about a planet show, and [continue reading]

Science Cafes Provide Unique Community-Based Learning Opportunity

Sep 8 2014
Scientific subjects need not be discussed exclusively in stuffy high school classrooms or college lecture halls… Science Cafes, a grassroots movement to open science to everyone and to bring presentations and engaging conversations into casual community settings, have come to the so-called knowledge corridor of Western MA! Cafes are facilitated by experts in their field, [continue reading]

Monarch Butterflies: The Life & Science

Aug 12 2014
Monarch butterflies make perhaps the most epic of all migratory journeys! Here we feature an amazing video using Google Earth to track their journey and share ways families can protect them as citizen scientists… [continue reading]

Science and the Sea Podcast

Dec 30 2013
What’s the longest creature in the sea? Why do clownfish swim in groups? What makes tsunamis different from tidal waves? Discover the answers to these questions – and many more! – via your iPod with the Science and the Sea podcast.
Recorded as a radio show, Science and the Sea is available [continue reading]

Citizen Scientist Opportunity: IceWatch

Dec 23 2013
IceWatch: Citizen Scientist Project Exams Ecosystems via Ice This winter, families can contribute to climate studies by participating in IceWatch, a citizen science initiative that works to collect information about the ice-in and ice-out times of various bodies of water across the continent. By regularly observing a lake, pond, river, or bay, families can help [continue reading]

STEMBite: Bite Sized Videos Supporting STEM Education

Jul 10 2013
Add some science to these hot summer days with STEMBite, a YouTube channel that offers snack-size videos focused on topics in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and the things in our everyday lives that they are related to… [continue reading]

DIY Tabletop Biosphere

Jun 26 2013
Tabletop Biosphere Summer Lessons in Biology Looking for a lessons in biology this summer with your kids?  Try making your very one tabletop biosphere! What is a biosphere? Planet earth is a biosphere, an enclosed, self-regulating system with no intervention from outside the sphere.  And while sounding like something out of a science fiction novel, [continue reading]

Western MA Planetariums and Online Resources for Space Studies

Jan 29 2013
Resources for Supporting the Study of Space Science Studies of outer space can be mysterious and intriguing to young minds and there are many resources to support a students interest in the study of space, both online and in Western MA. ONLINE RESOURCES The website StarChild offers a wealth of information and basic internet-based activities [continue reading]

A Look at the Girl Scouts: Science Curriculum & Healthy Relationships

Nov 13 2012
The Girl Scouts: So Much More Than Cookies Have you checked out the Girl Scouts recently? What an impressive institution! They are celebrating their 100th anniversary and they are better than ever. You probably know that the Girl Scouts support growing girls by encouraging responsible citizenship, generosity, and camaraderie. You might not realize, though, that [continue reading]

6 Resources for Learning at Home During Frankenstorm While the Lights are On!

Oct 29 2012
Hurricane Sandy and Halloween Offer Learning Opportunities Online Hurricane Sandy might have schools closed while we await her arrival, but the learning can continue at home (so long as you have power!). Check out these online resources to brush up on math, chemistry, physiology, language arts and world & local history: MATH After you’ve battening [continue reading]

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