Parenting Possibilities: Challenges of Same-Sex Co-Parenting

Aug 26 2013
This week in “Parenting Possibilities,” Shana writes about the challenging aspects of co-parenting in a same-sex relationship. From discrimination to no pre-prescribed roles to assume, her experience at times is one of constant negotiations… [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: The Chinese Finger Trap

Jul 29 2013
This month Shana uses the metaphor of the Chinese Finger Trap as it applies to parenting power struggles with her youngest son. Read her monthly column, “Parenting Possibilities: Contemplation with a Splash of Inspiration” to find out how a small woven bamboo cylinder helped her let go of anger during a power struggle with her [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: The Family Dinner Experience

Jun 24 2013
Family Dinners: Joy or Indigestion? The extensive research on the benefits of family dinners has seemed to define eating together as the make it or break it sign to raising healthy, well-adjusted children. I do agree that family meals have potential to be an opportunity to catch up on the day’s events and bond in [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: A Sibling’s Love

Apr 29 2013
A Sibling’s Love One day I quietly watched my children playing with each other and realized for the first time that they have their own unique form of communication. They have an instinctual knowledge of each other I had not previously been aware of. It is an understanding only a sibling can have, almost as [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: We Are All Meant to Shine

Mar 25 2013
Getting Out of Our Own Way In her recent interview in Time Magazine’s March edition and in her talk which received over 2 million views, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s powerhouse Chief Operating Officer speaks to why women still have not achieved equality in the workforce. She acknowledges that very real barriers still exist like sexism, [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: Find Your Way to Say I Love You

Feb 25 2013
Saying I Love You I have been reading a lot about Justice Sonia Sotomayor lately now that her book is out. Her story is inspiring and yet also sad. Her father died when she was in fourth grade due to heart problems related to alcoholism. When he was alive, Sonia endured a childhood of watching [continue reading]

Parenting Possibilities: To Take Away or Not Take Away

Jan 28 2013
You Better Run “You better run, better run, out run my gun.” These are sample lyrics to Foster the People’s freakishly popular song, “Pumped up Kicks,” that my children were happily listening to the other day. When I realized that the song my 5 and 9 year old boys were dancing to with joy was [continue reading]



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