30 Autumn Suggestions: Things to Do & Places to See in Western MA

Sep 16 2017
Things to Do & Places to See in Western Massachusetts in the Fall! Save Save [continue reading]

Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum Opens Doors on 3 Centuries of Rural Living

May 10 2016
A beloved Western Mass historical institution opens its door for its 66th season when Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum takes us on a tour of 3 centuries worth of rural life. A gorgeous setting on the Connecticut River, the Museum hosts many interesting programs including the family friendly music series- ideal for a summer picnic. [continue reading]

Playing with a Purpose: Gardening with your Children

May 2 2016
Using the seasons as a catalyst for learning can help connect kids to their environment and the seasonal cycles of their community. Garden-based learning is just one activity that is on many minds every spring. Stop and think what else cycles around each year and how you can use it as a point of entry [continue reading]

High Tech Planetarium Takes Us to the Stars

Oct 8 2015
Milham Planetarium at Williams College is an incredible high-tech resource for Western Mass. Astronomy students in the area always seem to want to open up the planets for the rest of us. All through the Fall they will host free shows for the general public. There is something scientifically hypnotic about a planet show, and [continue reading]

State Forests and Parks: Treasure for all to Enjoy

Jul 20 2015
So much fun for so little money. It’s as simple as that. We are so lucky to live in a state dotted with an abundance of well maintained state forests and parks. Affordable programs are put in place for us to get as much out of them as possible. *Hint, ask at your local library [continue reading]

Skillsharing: Community Through Sharing & Learning

Oct 8 2014
Want to share your knowledge & creativity with others? Skillsharing is the answer, where you can proudly share your skills, talents and knowledge with others. Of course it’s not a one-way street…skillsharing means that you can pick up some great tips and skills in return. It’s a wonderful collaborative consumptive way to learn! Best of [continue reading]

Graveyards Inspire Curiosity and Learning in October

Oct 1 2014
Rich with community history, cemeteries across western Massachusetts offer families a variety of rich learning experiences this fall. From gravestone rubbings to tours of historic burying grounds, there are many ways in which families can tap into the knowledge buried amongst the graves. [continue reading]

Pop-Up Mobile Art Boxes Take Art to the Streets

Sep 16 2014
Community support is essential for the undertaking of installation art, and it’s fantastic to see this happening in Florence via the Florence Night Out and the Mobile Art Boxes. Now the most innovative of artists can use a DIY Mobile Box to contain a multimedia installation by a local artist. The obvious side benefits of [continue reading]

Science Cafes Provide Unique Community-Based Learning Opportunity

Sep 8 2014
Scientific subjects need not be discussed exclusively in stuffy high school classrooms or college lecture halls… Science Cafes, a grassroots movement to open science to everyone and to bring presentations and engaging conversations into casual community settings, have come to the so-called knowledge corridor of Western MA! Cafes are facilitated by experts in their field, [continue reading]

Journal-Making: Creative Outlet for Bringing Family Together

Aug 11 2014
Journaling is back in fashion! Encouraging your children to absorb the world and then springing their ideas onto the page is the gold standard in creative and personal development. Read on how to see how to set up this creative outlet and how to make it a family involved project. [continue reading]

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