FEATURED RESOURCE: Common Good Tools for a New Economy

Apr 13 2020
Offers & Needs Board for the Hilltowns and Beyond
We’re in this together. Use Common Good’s online Offers & Needs bulletin board to offer help and ask for help from your friends and neighbors in any community in the United States. No sign-up needed. Go to CommonGood.earth and [continue reading]

Skillsharing: Community Through Sharing & Learning

Oct 8 2014
Want to share your knowledge & creativity with others? Skillsharing is the answer, where you can proudly share your skills, talents and knowledge with others. Of course it’s not a one-way street…skillsharing means that you can pick up some great tips and skills in return. It’s a wonderful collaborative consumptive way to learn! Best of [continue reading]

Parenting Green: Climate Change Education & Action

Aug 6 2014
This is an eye-opening piece by Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Angie Gregory, in “Parenting Green” this month. Status quo capitalism provides regular obstacles to addressing the alarming change in the earth’s natural conditions. However, a culture of calling for positive change has had impact and families continue to have a voice that can be heard. [continue reading]

Collaborative Consumption: Learning How to be Resilient Supports Community-Based Education

Mar 4 2014
More and more, communities across western Massachusetts – and around the world! – are working together to create opportunities for pooling knowledge, sharing skills, and increasing each others’ access to useful resources. In creating systems and channels through which to access shared information and materials, communities are building resourceful, resilient foundations upon which to grow…The [continue reading]

Parenting Green: Winter Curiosity & Outdoor Play

Jan 1 2014
“I am always amazed at how the kids tend to be the ones to notice the pulse of our natural world through their curiosity,” writes Angie this month in ‘Parenting Green.’ What are some of the ways your family stays connected to nature when the winter wind and snow makes you feel like it’s not [continue reading]

Where you are is who you are

Oct 8 2013
The physiocrats had it right when they said that the earth is the sole source of all riches ,” for from our ecology comes our economy.

I”ve been thinking—as you have been, too, I”m sure—about the increasing political and natural chaos caused by our economy, which decimates the [continue reading]

Debut of Parenting Green: Earth Friendly Ideas for Raising a Family!

May 1 2013
No Seat Belts My nine year old rides the public transit bus to school, with no adult chaperone. Just with some classmates, typically some war vets, and sometimes a doughnut in hand, this is how she experiences the responsibility of being on time. As well as the reward of it: the once a week ‘doughnut [continue reading]

Spring Hunting

Mar 26 2013
Published by under Flora and Fauna
Cross-post from Hilltown Families:
The Ripple: Hunting for Springs in Western MA Spring Hunting Spring has a leap of the leprechaun in it; who can deny that?—but spring’s called spring not because of its leapiness.  Spring’s called spring because of the upwelling waters that appear as the frozen earth thaws.
Right now [continue reading]

5 Western MA Parks Go Organic!

May 2 2012
5 Local Parks to Implement Organic Lawn Care Practices Five municipal parks in the Hampshire and Hampden county areas will transition from using synthetic petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides to using organic practices and materials. These parks attract thousands of visitors each year, creating an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the benefits and beauty of organic lawn [continue reading]



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