One Clover & A Bee: The Right Bed in a Universe of Beds

Nov 28 2012
I’m Grateful for…The Bed Book If you’re familiar with Sylvia Plath’s work you might be surprised to see a poem of hers here. But in addition to her darkly brilliant work she also wrote a book for her children, The Bed Book, that’s bright and whimsical. This book, which also has wonderful illustrations, is out [continue reading]

One Clover & A Bee: Poetry for Halloween

Oct 24 2012
Tricks & Treats: Two Not-So-Spooky Poems Halloween is a time when we like to be scared…a little, and some of us more than others. In the light of day when we’re putting on our costumes and makeup, it’s easy to see that you are you and I am me. But when the sun goes down, [continue reading]

One Clover & A Bee: Poetry that Engages the Senses

Sep 26 2012
The Sound of One Leaf Falling Some poems are clearly meant to be read aloud: sound is the engine that moves them off the page and into our consciousness. Other poems rely more on image, making pictures that resonate in our mind’s eye. Some poems try to do both, using structural elements like line breaks, [continue reading]

One Clover & A Bee: Poems For Families To Learn And Love

Apr 25 2012
Is Poetry On Your Playlist? Many of us think of poetry with a capital P—meaning, Poetry lives in a castle high on a hill surrounded by a deep moat and a drawbridge. Beautiful from a distance, probably beautiful inside, but a little scary and, unless you know the owners, pretty inaccessible. Or we think of [continue reading]



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