STEMBite: Bite Sized Videos Supporting STEM Education

Jul 10 2013
Add some science to these hot summer days with STEMBite, a YouTube channel that offers snack-size videos focused on topics in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and the things in our everyday lives that they are related to… [continue reading]

Language Play: 5 Useful Apps That Help to Promote Speech & Language Skills

Sep 26 2012
Apps for Back-to-School Now that we are all back to school, I thought it would be fun to talk about educational activities on the iPad or iPhone to support children’s learning at school. This year, I have switched my speech and language materials from books and software programs to apps for my iPad, in order [continue reading]

Three Programs Kids Can Use to Learn How to Create Video Games

Apr 16 2012
Kids Creating Video Games Many kids today are great at playing (consuming) video games but who will create the video games of tomorrow?  I think it’s fine for kids to play appropriate video games in moderation.  See Common Sense Media for reviews and ratings for video games.  However, many kids today only consume content.  What [continue reading]

Seven Values & Goals to Setting Technology Limits: A Personal Story

Mar 19 2012
Technology Limits – A Personal Story In January I shared a general article on setting technology limits titled, My Top Ten Tips for Setting Technology Limits. Setting technology limits for your family is a personal decision based on the values that you have, so there is no one policy that will fit every family.  So [continue reading]



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