Creative Rural Urban Alliances Webinar

Mar 16 2015
Last week, we shared information about Art of the Rural collaborations that address both rural and urban communities alongside staff from the Rural Policy Research Institute and M12… [continue reading]

Walking the Fields, From Liberia to California

Sep 8 2012
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missing image Sacramento Bee
High Country News has long been one of our favorite publications; they consistently think in new terms about the West, but also about urban-rural and rural-international connections. Such a perspective continues with “In Rural California, a Liberian Family Finds an Agricultural Refuge,” [continue reading]

A Jetsonorama Panorama

Jan 20 2012
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missing image
Many thanks to Gary O’Brien for contacting us and sharing this interactive panorama from Jetsonorama’s wheat paste installation in Cameron, Arizona.
What’s striking about this technology is that it not only gives depth and dimension to Jetsonorama’s work, but it reveals how these installations stand as monuments in a [continue reading]

4H Royalty: It’s Gonna Be A Rock and Roll Blowout

Dec 31 2011
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missing image Album art from 4H Royalty’s Colossalalia
Today I offer this song for folks’ New Year’s Eve revelries: “Rock & Roll Blowout” by 4H Royalty.  <a
&amp; Roll Blowout by 4H Royalty</a>

I had the chance to meet these musicians [continue reading]



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