6 Western MA Naturalists and Educators

Jun 11 2013
Naturalists and Educators to Know About in Western MA Support your live, local, free-lance, free-range, grass-fed naturalist! Some naturalists and educators are funded by a school or a camp. Others hang up their shingle and take the kids into the woods. This post offers a smattering of freelance naturalists in Western MA. They are people [continue reading]

A Look at the History of Holiday Traditions in Western MA

Dec 11 2012
History and Traditions for the Holidays The holiday season is full of opportunities to teach your kids about the origins of holiday traditions, getting a glimpse into history and cultures.  The Historic Deerfield and Old Sturbridge Village offer opportunities throughout December for holiday history lessons that are fun and engaging! HISTORIC DEERFIELD: Heritage Holiday Historical [continue reading]

A Look at the Girl Scouts: Science Curriculum & Healthy Relationships

Nov 13 2012
The Girl Scouts: So Much More Than Cookies Have you checked out the Girl Scouts recently? What an impressive institution! They are celebrating their 100th anniversary and they are better than ever. You probably know that the Girl Scouts support growing girls by encouraging responsible citizenship, generosity, and camaraderie. You might not realize, though, that [continue reading]



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