Northampton named ‘Most Hippie Town’ in Massachusetts

Aug 23 2016
Paradise City gets nod from
Apparently Amherst needs to up its game as far as grooviness.
Maybe the move of the Extravaganja marijuana festival from Amherst to Northampton was the tipping point, but whatever the reason, Paradise City has been named the “most hippie town” in Massachusetts.
Although most Western Massachusetts [continue reading]

WebCams Around the World and Across the Nation

Jul 3 2013
World Travel via WebCams Summer vacation is the perfect time of year to expose kids to new places – there is so much for them to learn about, and there are so many beautiful and historical places worldwide and nationwide that you could visit! However, if jet-setting around the globe isn’t in your family’s plans [continue reading]

Just My Type: Putting Up a Fight

Mar 18 2013
Putting up a Fight Having a marital spat in the middle of a chain department store is not my idea of fun. Yet there my husband and I were, 7-year-old Noelle in tow, marching through the store, hissing at each other in a not-so-very-nice fashion. – It’s just one more way that diabetes brings out [continue reading]

Just My Type: Depending on Alarm Clocks

Feb 18 2013
No Cause for Alarm A year ago I won an alarm clock in a church raffle. I know … exciting, right? It actually was. It was a very cool alarm clock. It was shaped like an egg, flashed different colors and had many features like a timer, date and temperature. My daughter, Noelle,picked it out [continue reading]

“Special Treatment” for Children with Disabilities

Jan 21 2013
Special Treatment Those words mean different things to different people. Raising a child with a serious disease, I’ve come to embrace everything that’s positive about these two words. That puts me at odds with lots of people, including with my own husband, who never wants our daughter to feel “different” because she has diabetes — [continue reading]

50 Winter Suggestions: Things to Do & Places to See in Western MA

Dec 30 2012
Winter Bucket List Reader Recommendations for Western MA Western Massachusetts is rich in opportunities to get out and about with the family… any time of the year!  Winter offers outdoor activities like snowshoeing, sledding, skiing and ice skating.  And local businesses and attractions welcome you indoors to warm up with comforts, culture and entertainment.  Whether [continue reading]

Community Service: Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum

May 16 2012
Families Can Volunteer at the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum Help to preserve local history and an important part of the evolution of transportation by volunteering at the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum! The museum is home to trolleys, a pump car, and information and memorabilia related to local history and the history of train and trolley [continue reading]

Let’s Play: Puppets and Creative Free Play

Apr 18 2012
Puppets Puppets can be very open ended and offer children of all ages the opportunity to re-create favorite stories and often inspire new tales.  They come in all shapes, sizes, materials and complexities. You can purchase them new, or just use odd socks, your hands or paper. You can create a stage, or not. But [continue reading]

A Year And Today in Paradise ❥ Comfort Spots in Northampton

Apr 9 2012
Note 12, There’s No Place Like Home The twelfth Mash Note to Paradise! Really? Over this past year in these notes I’ve loved our bike paths and our college town-y-ness, our farms and our farmers’ markets, our give back mentality and our reverence for all sorts of families and our indie vibes. Much as I [continue reading]



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