A Love Letter to My Children

Feb 10 2014
If you were to write a love letter to your children, what would it say? This month in “The Good Life: A Year of Thoughtful Seasons,” Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Sarah Mattison Buhl, shares what her love letter to her children would read like… [continue reading]

Be Mine: Chocolate and Valentines

Feb 6 2013
Be Mine: Chocolate and Valentines The Roots of Valentine’s Day Traditions Old Sturbridge Village: Feb. 9th & 10th [02/08/13 UPDATE: OSV will be closed Sat., Feb. 9th and opened Sun. Feb. 10th] The tradition of having chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a longstanding one – it has been around since the early days of New [continue reading]

5th Annual Handmade Valentine Swap for Western MA Families

Jan 3 2013
Hilltown Families 5th Annual Community Handmade Valentine Swap It’s that time of the year again! For the past several years Hilltown Families has coordinated a community Handmade Valentine Swap — and we’re doing it again! Sign up below!  It’s free and open to all families! A handmade Valentine swap gives local families an opportunity to be [continue reading]



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