Community-Based Events for the Solar Eclipse

Aug 17 2017
On Monday, August 21, 2017, the moon will pass in front of the sun, creating a solar eclipse which will be visible throughout the United States. In western Massachusetts, this event will be visible as a partial eclipse, as the moon will not entirely obscure our view of the sun. In fourteen states across the [continue reading]

food movements, agroecology and the future of food and farming

Sep 27 2014
From OUR LAND presenter Eric Holt-Gimenez, of Food First
[continue reading]

Monarch Butterflies: The Life & Science

Aug 12 2014
Monarch butterflies make perhaps the most epic of all migratory journeys! Here we feature an amazing video using Google Earth to track their journey and share ways families can protect them as citizen scientists… [continue reading]

the permaculture orchard: beyond organic is available for download on june 1st!

May 30 2014

Click here to download this video on June 1st!
The orchard can be a magical place; endless acres of peaches, pears, or apples in gorgeous bloom by the roadside, producing delicious fruit . But an orchard, by definition, is a monocultural crop – [continue reading]

a cool virtual library for you to explore

May 15 2014
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international theatre of the oppressed
The International Theatre of the Oppressed Organisation  will not be just one Center more, but an  Organisation  dedicated to help all Centers to develop themselves, so that they can help other TO groups to grow and develop. The Organisation is carried by the combined power of experienced Jokers across [continue reading]

TED-Ed Clubs: Supporting Students & Their Big Ideas!

Mar 10 2014
Bring TED to your classroom or community-based educational group with TED-Ed Clubs! Participation in a Ted-Ed Club can have many benefits for students of all ages, helping students to do great things… [continue reading]

Wendell Berry with Bill Moyers

Nov 8 2013
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[continue reading]

Wisconson Rising – a film about the assault on democracy that’s happening right now

Oct 3 2013 [continue reading]

Under the Hat: Mixing Music is Like Mixing a Cake

Jul 30 2013
Mister G has a new vlog this month in “Under the Hat,” bringing you into his studio to show how mixing music is a lot like mixing a cake. Gather the kids around to learn more in this short video… [continue reading]

STEMBite: Bite Sized Videos Supporting STEM Education

Jul 10 2013
Add some science to these hot summer days with STEMBite, a YouTube channel that offers snack-size videos focused on topics in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and the things in our everyday lives that they are related to… [continue reading]

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