Summer Storms: A Reading List

Aug 16 2019
Late summer means thunderstorms and, sometimes, hurricanes, too. Our collection of storm-themed books can be used to learn courage in the face of bad weather and to find resilience in times of change that we cannot control. [continue reading]

Smoke from wildfires out west drifting toward New England

Aug 25 2018
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“Radar capturing birds taking flight;” a hazy sunrise and sunset is likely in parts of New England as western wildfires drift east.
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Massachusetts and parts of New England could see the smokey remnants of dangerous and intense wildfires from the western part of the country this weekend. [continue reading]

Cooling centers, pools, spray parks open during heat wave

Jul 2 2018
Communities across the state have been opening cooling centers, spray parks and pools early to help people cope with a heat wave that is supposed to last all week.
The hot spot in the state is the Connecticut River Valley area where temperatures are expected to feel as high as 105 degrees in Springfield, [continue reading]

High heat warnings prompt Chicopee to open spray parks

Jun 18 2018
CHICOPEEĀ – The Parks and Recreation Department is activating spray parks Monday due to the high heat warnings.
The National Weather Service is predicting a high of 96 degrees Monday with the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon and at night. Temperatures are to drop to a high of 84 on Tuesday.
The spray [continue reading]



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