Sledding in Western Massachusetts

Feb 5 2021
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The post Sledding in Western Massachusetts appeared first on Hilltown Families . [continue reading]

❄️ Sledding Hills in Western MA ❄️

Mar 5 2019
Over the years we’ve been welcoming recommendations for sledding hills across the region from our reader to help connect families with community-based activities Check out these reader recommendations and share your own recommendation in the comment field below. Kelly recommends: Frog Hill in Grenville Park in Ware is a huge hill and great for sledding. [continue reading]

8 Family-Friendly Farms for Pumpkin Pickin’ in Western MA

Oct 21 2018
QUESTION AND ANSWERS Where’s a good place to pick pumpkins with the kids in Western MA? Patricia McCarthy Krutiak recommends, “Whitney’s Farm Stand. Route 8. Cheshire, MA.” (Berkshire Co.) Heather Dunham Katsoulis recommends, “Westview Farms Creamery in Monson (Hampden Co.); Austin Brothers Valley Farm in Belchertown (Hampshire Co.); and Fletcher Farm in Southampton (Hampshire Co.). [continue reading]

Suggested Events for March 18th – March 24th, 2017

Mar 17 2017
“The resources made available (and sent to my inbox!) have been such a treasure chest of information! I’ve followed up on many and learned about so many others… This is like a quilt of the region–all the squares brought together into a wonderful blanket of information and opportunities. Thank you!” Toni H. (Northampton, MA) [continue reading]

Banner artist and vintage photo dealer to share Easthampton storefront

Aug 24 2016
‘BannerQueen’ Johnquest and ‘PhotoWench’ Waldman will open Spot 22 on Cottage Street.
Amy Johnquest and Stacy Waldman have known each other about three years, and are familiar faces within the Easthampton arts and culture scene.
Now the two friends are opening a quirky storefront gallery and studio on Cottage Street. Spot 22 will [continue reading]

High Tech Planetarium Takes Us to the Stars

Oct 8 2015
Milham Planetarium at Williams College is an incredible high-tech resource for Western Mass. Astronomy students in the area always seem to want to open up the planets for the rest of us. All through the Fall they will host free shows for the general public. There is something scientifically hypnotic about a planet show, and [continue reading]

Suggested Events for September 12th-18th, 2015

Sep 11 2015
“Hilltown Families is my go-to place to look for upcoming family activities in my community (and the surrounding communities). I truly appreciate this site and all of the work that’s put into it!” – Renee H. (Easthampton, MA) … Continue reading → [continue reading]

What to do with Fiddleheads?

May 30 2015
Fiddleheads are an enigma. These unusual looking greens when handled properly in the kitchen can unleash a joyous culinary moment! Read on and see about the Fiddlehead Arugula Salad that YOU can make for your family, getting your kids excited about eating local food! Let us know how it goes! [continue reading]

Hampshire and Hampden Canal: Gone but not Forgotten

Aug 5 2014
If you look closely at our local landscape here in western MA, there is almost always a hidden story that tells the historical tale of life long ago. One such story is about the Hampshire and Hampden Canal, built in the early 1800’s to connect New Haven with Northampton, defunct by the 1940’s. In an [continue reading]

Oak & Acorn: Healthy Comfort Foods

Nov 18 2013
Colder months call for comfort foods! This month, Leslie Lynn shares a healthy version of a kid favorite… macaroni & cheese! The star seasonal ingredient in the comfort dish… butternut squash! [continue reading]

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