WRSI: Blue Heron Restaurant and Catering

Jan 4 2022

With winter bearing down, Chef Deborah Snow of Blue Heron Dining and Catering in Sunderland reminds us how good friends and food can be the respite we crave, and how in tough times the best thing we can do is BE KIND.

In this Local Hero Spotlight, Deb with all her humor dishes on:

The wonderful local, seasonal food they cook with (“all the time, it tastes better”) and the farms they work with:  “Warner farm, Atlas farm, Kitchen Garden farm – these farms are in our backyard, literally. Tom Brady can probably throw a football from the restaurant to Warner Farm.”

Running a restaurant during COVID – what it’s like from their side: “It’s not that I want people to lower their expectations, but they need to be kind. There’s products we can’t get…and fewer staff. Recognize that we’re all doing the best we can.”

Plus culinary therapy, the “smoke and dinner room”, John Lithgow, Lauren Michaels, and Deb not recognizing former NY Governor Cuomo.



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