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LIST: Outdoor dining in western Massachusetts

Jun 12 2020
LIST: Outdoor dining in western Massachusetts
[continue reading]

New Sunderland Farm Collaborative ‘a lifeline’ for residents

Apr 2 2020
The Greenfield Recorder, By MARY BYRNE, Staff Writer, April 2, 2020

SUNDERLAND — Local farmers have teamed up to offer contact-less home delivery to customers seeking local produce without leaving their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The newly formed Sunderland Farm Collaborative — which brings together Kitchen Garden Farm, Riverland [continue reading]

Say cheese! Sunderland’s Thomas Farm & Dairy chevre earns rave reviews

Feb 21 2020
By Elizabeth LaFond-Coppez | Special to The Republican| Among the many farms in the Franklin County town of Sunderland, Thomas Farm & Dairy is arguably the most special, as it gives the Pioneer Valley such a wide range of offerings, ranging from eggs and vegetables, to flowers and cheeses.
The stars on [continue reading]

11 Unsuspecting Restaurants In Massachusetts With Food So Good It Should Be Illegal

Sep 14 2019
11 Unsuspecting Restaurants In Massachusetts With Food So Good It Should Be Illegal Williamsburg Snack Bar in Haydenville, Jake’s in Northampton, Pie Bar in Florence, Strawbale Cafe in Westhampton, El Comalito in Amherst, Bub’s BBQ in Sunderland, The Blind Pig in Athol, and Anne’s Dairy Drive-In in Orange, all make the list. Read the review [continue reading]

After 45 years, class ring found in Sunderland field, returned to owner

Aug 1 2019
By MELINA BOURDEAU  The Recorder, July 23, 2019
GREENFIELD — Forty-five years after graduating from Greenfield High School, Caroline Abercrombie not only reunited with classmates on Friday, but with her class ring.
The ring was unearthed in a field at Thomas Farm and Dairy in Sunderland just two weeks earlier on [continue reading]

Focused on hot stuff, no matter the weather

Feb 7 2019
The Recorder, February 4, 2019 by Richie Davis

SUNDERLAND — Temperatures struggled to rise out of the negative realm last week at Kitchen Garden Farm, but owners Caroline Pam and Tim Wilcox were laser-focused on hot stuff.
The 2,400-square steelframe building that will be the farm’s new commercial [continue reading]

Interview: Kitchen Garden Farm

Sep 17 2017
WRSI, September 15, 2017.  “Spicy” Caroline Pam of Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland talks about this year’s Chili Fest , gives the lowdown on some of the hottest peppers they grow, and puts Monte’s spice tolerance [continue reading]

A Growing Concern: Water-mold Blight Killing Crops in Sunderland & Deerfield

Nov 12 2015
The Recorder, November 12, 2015 by Richie Davis
Even in the risky world of farming, a particularly nasty risk is Phytophthora, the very name of which sounds scary.
A water-mold blight that can kill entire crops of pumpkins, cucumbers or peppers, Phyotopthora capsici is especially problematic because once its spores get [continue reading]

Alice in Sunderland: The High-Tech Making of This Fall’s Mike’s Maze is a Family Affair

Sep 12 2015
The Recorder, September 4th, 2015, by Tom Relihan

This fall, it won’t take a trip down any rabbit holes along the banks of the Connecticut River to experience Sunderland’s own version of Wonderland. At Warner’s Farm on South Main Street, this year’s design for Mike’s Maze features Alice herself, the [continue reading]

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