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Dandelion’s Place in History

May 20 2020
missing image World History and the Dandelion
Once respected around the world for its nutritional value and medicinal properties, today, the common dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale) is seen by many as a noxious weed. Why? We have the rise of “lawn culture” to thank whose origin stems back to 17th century England where lawns [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Plant Starts

Mar 30 2020
It feels like the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a grinding halt. But nature is oblivious to national emergencies.
Nowhere is that more apparent than on farms across the Valley.
Julia Lemieux, who owns Windy Ridge Farm in Hawley, started seeding plants in mid-February. Her farm’s main product is plant starts, [continue reading]

(Re)Productive Gardens: Making Your Yard More Pollinator-Friendly

Mar 20 2020
(Re)Productive Gardens: Making Your Yard More Pollinator-Friendly With spring on the way, its a great time to learn about and start planning for making your garden friendly to pollinators. Check out this article from  The Trustees .
Read more here:…/learning-discovery/re.html [continue reading]

Spring Bulb Show opens March 7 at Smith College | Northampton

Feb 24 2020
Published by under Events, Gardening, Northampton
Spring Bulb Show opens March 7 at Smith College March 7 heralds the start of the Bulb Show at  Smith College Botanic Garden . If you’d longing for a burst of vibrant spring colors and smells, you don’t want to miss this beautiful show! Read more here: [continue reading]

WRSI: Ox and Robin Seed

Feb 17 2020
WRSI, February 7, 2020 . Linda Enerson, from Ox and Robin Seeds, joins Monte and Phil to talk about growing hardy, heirloom plants for seed and the benefits of producing seeds locally. [continue reading]

Winter Honeybee Loss In Massachusetts Reflected Nationwide Trend

Jul 26 2019
By Pamela Larkin , NEPR, July 15, 2019
Honeybee losses in Massachusetts last winter were roughly 40 percent.
That’s according to Hannah Whitehead , a honeybee specialist at UMass Amherst.
And that figure is consistent with winter loss for beekeepers across the U.S., according to a June report [continue reading]

Invasive plant to look out for: Black Swallow-wort

Jun 28 2019
Published by under Agriculture, Gardening
Black Swallow-wort: Pull it if you see it. These plants will start seeding soon. It’s an invasive non-native plant that can cause problems for for monarch butterflies and crowd out native plants.
To learn more and be able to identify it check out this article: [continue reading]

Interview: Sixteen Acres Garden Center

Apr 22 2019
WRSI, April 15, 2019 . Listen to Judy Bordenuk of Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield as she talks about her father’s labor of love, the gladiola field that started it all, and the beauty and scents you’ll find when [continue reading]

MassAppeal: How Maple Syrup is Made

Mar 9 2019

WWLP, March 22, 2018. For many farmers here in Massachusetts, this is the perfect time of year to collect sap and turn it into delicious maple syrup. You need freezing nights and thawing days, though the latter has been a bit difficult recently. Through CISA , a nonprofit that stands for Community Involved [continue reading]

Focused on hot stuff, no matter the weather

Feb 7 2019
The Recorder, February 4, 2019 by Richie Davis

SUNDERLAND — Temperatures struggled to rise out of the negative realm last week at Kitchen Garden Farm, but owners Caroline Pam and Tim Wilcox were laser-focused on hot stuff.
The 2,400-square steelframe building that will be the farm’s new commercial [continue reading]

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