Valley Bounty: Windowsill Herbs

May 14 2016

windowside herbsWhen the weather starts to warm up and the end of a winter filled with stews and root vegetables is finally in sight, I find myself wanting to fill my food with fresh spring herbs like dill, basil, and cilantro. Though we live on some of the best soil for farming in the country, there are those among us for whom outdoor gardening is a limited option or unavailable altogether; apartment dwellers like me must make do with the tools at our disposal. Fortunately, many of our local farmers are happy to help by offering potted herbs perfect for small-scale windowsill gardening. Even without a yard to dig into, I’m able to make fresh pesto with my own basil, sprinkle tacos and scrambled eggs with fresh cilantro, and always have fresh dill on hand for a quick dinner of frozen fish, thawed and sautéed with butter, dill, and lemon juice. I even have a mint plant handy, should I find myself in need of a Moscow Mule some warm evening. Keep your eyes peeled for potted herb plants at your local farmers’ market, or find them at your local garden center or farm stand.

Valley Bounty is written by Brian Snell



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