New restaurant Pita Pockets opens its doors in Northampton

May 15 2016

The eatery fills the 193 Main St. space formerly occupied by Subway.

George Ejja just filled one of Northampton’s 14 empty downtown storefronts. He also filled a need in the town’s crowded scene of 60-plus restaurants.

But mostly he filled the bellies of numerous satisfied customers yesterday.

Ejja opened the doors to the new Pita Pockets, a fast-service Mediterranean cuisine shop at 193 Main St. on Saturday. The space had formerly housed the city’s second Subway franchise, which only lasted 15 months. Ejja also owns the Pita Pockets shop in Amherst, which opened in February 2014.

Ejja said yesterday’s opening day was busy. He was happy the first day was aided by beautiful weather. Ejja, who hails from Syria, has been considering a shop in Northampton almost since he first opened the shop in Amherst two years ago after customers encouraged him to do so.

“I was looking very intently for a Northampton location, but I couldn’t find the right spot until I saw the Subway [space],” he said.

The Northampton shop menu is pretty much the same as the one in Amherst, but with a few more items, Ejja said. Pita Pockets features such items as falafel, gyro, kabob and hummus, along with American-type offerings such as Buffalo chicken wraps and french fries.

Ejja said he knew the first day would be busy based on the interest of passersby as he remodeled the former Subway shop.

“People would ask when we would be open and said they were happy to have a place that was affordable and where the food was made quickly while you wait,” he said.

One satisfied customer, Christopher Karney of Northampton said “eating here makes me happy.”

“Good food, good prices. What’s not to love?” he said.

Pita Pockets’ menu can be viewed online at the restaurant’s website.



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