Valley Bounty: Cider

Nov 7 2015
download (6)Photo credit: Woman’s Heath Magizine
Long the preferred beverage of New Englanders, commercial hard cider production was almost extinguished by Prohibition, but is now experiencing impressive growth. Local hard ciders can be found at a growing number of package stores, bars and restaurants across the region. If you’re expecting something merely sweet and fizzy, [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Savory Tarts

Jan 22 2015
At a New Year’s Brunch, I enjoyed a spread of tarts featuring winter staple vegetables. We had an egg, nut, and butternut squash tart, one filled with squash and caramelized onion, and one featuring roasted parsnips and apples, plus a crustless potato, beet and cheese tart.  Making your own tart crust is simple, but you [continue reading]

the permaculture orchard: beyond organic is available for download on june 1st!

May 30 2014

Click here to download this video on June 1st!
The orchard can be a magical place; endless acres of peaches, pears, or apples in gorgeous bloom by the roadside, producing delicious fruit . But an orchard, by definition, is a monocultural crop – [continue reading]

Kettles Full of Apple Chutney

Nov 5 2012
Apple Chutney When our vegetable garden begins slowing down, we begin apple season. We harvest our own apples, visit friends who have apple trees, and gather apples from wild trees and abandoned orchards. It’s apple time early in the morning before work, late at night when we return home, and on our day off. We [continue reading]



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