Just My Type: The Cat Knocked Over the Christmas Tree

Dec 16 2013
When the Christmas tree hits the floor and tinsel and ornaments go flying, there’s not much to do other than up the pieces and put it all back together again. This is a metaphor Rebecca uses to lift herself up as she tries to put the pieces of a “normal” life back together for her [continue reading]

Just My Type: Putting Up a Fight

Mar 18 2013
Putting up a Fight Having a marital spat in the middle of a chain department store is not my idea of fun. Yet there my husband and I were, 7-year-old Noelle in tow, marching through the store, hissing at each other in a not-so-very-nice fashion. – It’s just one more way that diabetes brings out [continue reading]

Just My Type: Depending on Alarm Clocks

Feb 18 2013
No Cause for Alarm A year ago I won an alarm clock in a church raffle. I know … exciting, right? It actually was. It was a very cool alarm clock. It was shaped like an egg, flashed different colors and had many features like a timer, date and temperature. My daughter, Noelle,picked it out [continue reading]

“Special Treatment” for Children with Disabilities

Jan 21 2013
Special Treatment Those words mean different things to different people. Raising a child with a serious disease, I’ve come to embrace everything that’s positive about these two words. That puts me at odds with lots of people, including with my own husband, who never wants our daughter to feel “different” because she has diabetes — [continue reading]

Just My Type: Finding Normalcy During Holiday Meals

Dec 17 2012
Chew On This This past Thanksgiving, the cheese bit back. In our home, Thanksgiving has been a holiday that focuses on the three Fs: family, football — and food. Because of that, it is the second of the five late fall/early winter obstacles our family must hurdle while raising a child with type one diabetes. [continue reading]

Just My Type: Craving Support in Raising a T1D Child in the Berkshires

Oct 15 2012
Happy Anniversary to Us I remember clearly my daughter’s last carefree moment of childhood… Noelle was 4 years old, and my husband and I had picked her up early from preschool on a Friday to bring her to the doctor’s office. I found her playing in the classroom, absorbed in a game of blocks. When [continue reading]



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