5 Tips to Help Children Handle Tragic News

Dec 15 2012
20 Little Christmas Angels from Newtown, CT Were Welcomed into Heaven Tragedy happens all around us, but when it involves innocent children there are few words that can express the pain any caring person feels. This week, a shooter took the lives of 20 innocent school children including several teachers and staff members at a [continue reading]

8 Tips for Happier Holidays with Your Kids

Dec 12 2012
8 Tips for Happier Holidays with Your kids It’s time once again to begin preparing for the holidays and gearing up for family, fun and festivals. The kids will be getting excited and be at home for school vacation. Here are eight tips for ensuring a happier holiday season. TIP No. 1: Good Behavior in [continue reading]

Solving Power Struggles

Oct 10 2012
Solving the Power Struggle Problem at the Boston Aquarium Whether you like it or not, children about 18 months and up need power. Which means that parents must be careful that the boundaries and limits they set up for their children are not so tight and controlling that they cause them to crave more power. [continue reading]

Normal (Annoying) Kid Behaviors at the General Store

May 9 2012
Annoying Normal Behaviors at Checkers General Store I stopped off at Checker’s General Store in Belchertown on Route 202 one afternoon, a place I love to drop in to grab last minute necessities my wife asks me to pick up on my way home. I love the atmosphere of this small town store and usually [continue reading]

Magic Wings and ADHD

Apr 11 2012
An ADHD Child Visits Magic Wings Have you ever wondered why children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) don’t seem to listen and cooperative well? On some occasions they get easily distracted, see “something shiny,” and ignore the adult’s instruction. Although experts still don’t know exactly what causes this disorder, they [continue reading]



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